Japan Travel Fair 2023 returns physically to Suntec City


The Singapore office of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) has officially announced the launch of its first physical Japan travel fair, themed around Japan’s iconic cherry blossoms and festivals! The upcoming brick-and-mortar fairs, located at Suntec City’s North and West Atriums, will be held from 24-26 February and offer a variety of events. From exciting stage performances to lucky giveaways, there’s something to look forward to!

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The event will kick off with an opening performance by Hibikiya, a professional group specializing in Japanese traditional music performances. While you’re there, you should keep an eye out for NYANGOSTAR, a popular Japanese mascot drummer who rose to fame in Singapore thanks to his YouTube channel and will be performing on 25 February.

Before you start exploring the fair, remember to join the stamp collection, which you can redeem for a limited-edition JNTO-designed reusable bag.

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The best part of the show is that you can take part in engaging activities, lucky draws and giveaways throughout the 3 days of the event! Keep an eye out for games in Japan’s 47 prefectures, where you can participate and get exclusive merchandise from Japan, such as mascot plush toys.

Not only that, after completing the stamp assembly, you can also participate in the lucky draw on February 26, and have the opportunity to win two Japan Airlines round-trip Tokyo economy class tickets or a luxury hotel gift certificate worth US$800 or a maximum of 2 people Ryokan!

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The Japan Travel Fair is also a great place to prepare for your upcoming trip to Japan! Purchase any Japanese travel products during the exhibition, and you can exchange for JNTO exclusive luggage tags. Visitors who buy Singapore Airlines tickets at the exhibition can exchange for a Singapore Airlines exclusive luggage tag! Already booked a ticket to Japan? Then check out this gourmet guide to authentic Japanese food in Halal Tokyo!

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address: 3 Temasek Blvd, #1, #327-328, 038983, Suntec City North and West Atrium


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