Japan launches new random-destination train tickets

Recently, we received some bad news when JR East (East Japan Railway Company) announced that it will indefinitely stop selling the rechargeable e-money Suica card, which is very convenient for buying train tickets.Luckily, here’s something to make train travelers smile JR West is part of Japan, and the Osaka-based rail operator has announced a new random-destination train ticket that promises to save you a ton of money on train fares even without a specific promise of where you’re going.

JR West will offer a total of 40,000 round-trip tickets for the latest version of Saikoro tickets (saikoro means “dice” or “dice” in Japanese). Officially, they are called Osaka Departure Saikoro Tickets because the journey starts and ends at your chosen station within the city of Osaka.

As for where to go, it depends on luck. When purchasing a ticket, your destination station is randomly selected from one of four possibilities:

Kanazawa (Ishikawa Prefecture), the cultural and historical center of the Hokuriku region of Japan, known for its gardens, seafood, and goldsmiths

far away (Hiroshima Prefecture) an old shipbuilding town with a famous maritime history museum

Kinosaki Onsen Hyogo Prefecture (Hyogo Prefecture) is a hot spring town with various day baths and a beautiful canal running through the city center

start (Fukuoka Prefecture), the main railway hub of Fukuoka, the largest city on the island of Kyushu in southwestern Japan

The price of Saikoro tickets depends on the day of the week you want to travel. A round-trip Saikoro ticket costs 5,000 yen if you depart from Monday to Thursday, and 8,000 yen if you depart on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday. But anyway, it’s a huge savings compared to the normal round-trip fare from Osaka, as follows:

●Kanazawa: 15,580 yen

●Ku: 22,560 yen

●Kinosaki Onsen: 12,280 yen

●Hakata: 30,080 yen

This means that you can save at least 4,280 yen (weekend trip to Kinosaki Onsen) and up to 25,580 yen (weekday trip to Hakata) compared to regular prices, a savings of 34.8% to 83.3%.

However, there are some caveats to be aware of. First, the chances of reaching the four destinations are not equal. Kanazawa and Kure have a 1/3 chance, Kinosaki Onsen a 2/9 chance, Hakata a 1/9 chance (so actually some sort of nine sided dice is more likely to be a promotional poster than a six sided dice Meaning. Display). In addition, the return ticket must be used the day after the outbound ticket is used, so the Seiko Road ticket from Osaka is actually designed for one-night travel.

Still, if you have an unplanned day in your Japan travel itinerary after a day in Osaka, this is a great deal. Saikoro tickets also get you discounts at restaurants and tourist attractions around the stations of your chosen destination, and you can even choose to switch destinations to anywhere along the route that’s closer to Osaka than a random pick.

▼ As far as Osaka to Hakata is concerned, there are many potential places. Both Osaka to Hakata and Osaka to Wusikoro tickets seem to be able to take the Shinkansen.

Saikoro tickets departing from Osaka are offered through a lottery system managed by JR West’s Wester app. After downloading the app, you can sign up for the draw through the “Otoku ni Go” section for special promotions, and you can claim up to three sets of single-destination tickets randomly awarded to your group, if you have a pair or two we want to go together Where travel companions are open minded. Applications are now open and the deadline is August 14, with winners able to use tickets for departure dates between August 23 and October 31.

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source: JR West pass information technology media

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