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ANA Holdings has long been a leader in digital utilization, such as being awarded the DX Award in 2019 for “Proactive IT Management Brand”. The company has further accelerated DX amid a sharp drop in air travel demand amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

This approach can be said to be the dual management of refining existing aviation business and exploring new business in non-aviation business.

The diagram below shows the functions and goals of the company’s DX. By combining physical and online services, improving customer satisfaction and CX (customer experience value) in aviation business, and realizing “a world where miles can live” in non-airline business, we aim to attract more customers than ever before customer before.I feel strongly that the goal is to contain

Through these efforts, the company aims to become more competitive when demand for air travel recovers and transition to a structure that is less dependent on air travel by increasing revenue from non-air travel businesses.

ANA Smart Travel aims to increase satisfaction at every customer touch point

“ANA Smart Travel” announced in May 2022. This will dramatically change the way we interact with customers, not only when booking and boarding, but also at the airport and on board. It’s a service model designed to provide a “smooth, stress-free journey.” Therefore, in addition to being able to perform surgery in various situations using a smartphone, we are also working on providing service advice to each customer.

Specifically, the company plans to use customer information and boarding data to provide personalized services, such as ordering in-flight meals and selling merchandise on board.You can use the service

At the airport, information about flights, such as flight cancellations and delays, as well as sudden changes in departure times and gates, will be sent to smartphones with personalized information for each customer. By improving such customer services, we aim to become the “continuously chosen airline”.

The “CX Portal” mechanism that supports high customer satisfaction behind the scenes

Airlines connect with customers in a number of ways. For example, one of them is after boarding a plane. Even in this case, being able to quickly share customer information and provide appropriate service can greatly improve customer satisfaction.

For this purpose, the “CX Portal” was developed and used.

In 2018, we created the “Customer Experience (CX) Platform”, a digital platform that links customer information and flight information in real time. By virtually integrating multiple systems, we create a company-wide data platform that aggregates customer information, flight information, and more.

In 2021, we will develop a CX portal to share CX-based customer information in a timely manner. It is a mechanism that enables various departments responsible for customer service (from reservation center to cabin crew) to share and collaborate across departments on handoff information tied to customers.

For example, by using this mechanism, even if a customer is offended, an apology can be made at the next touchpoint.

The company plans to further leverage the platform to better tailor services to each customer at both digital and physical customer touchpoints.

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