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Japan Airac Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 by crisis management experts. We are a crisis response support company and the only accident handling company certified by the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA).

In the event of accidents or accidents overseas, from the perspective of travel agencies that dispatch tourists, educational institutions such as universities and research institutions, and overseas expansion companies that dispatch foreigners or business travelers, we are working hard to resolve the crisis smoothly while carrying out disaster relief support, collection Accident information, dealing with the media, analyzing the scope of legal liability, cooperating with insurance companies and relevant government agencies (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Embassies and Consulates abroad) and other tasks.

  • Company Name

    Japan Airac Co., Ltd.

  • industry


  • work summary

    (1) Crisis management consulting sales and crisis response business
    (2) Paperwork and network system management related to the above

  • employment form

    Full-time employees/contract employees/promotion system for full-time employees/probationary period

  • job description

    (1) Crisis management consulting sales and crisis response business
    ・Support for Japanese nationals to respond to crises when emergencies or disputes occur overseas
    ・Crisis management consultation and sales for corporations (companies, schools, travel agencies, etc.)
    ・Lecture business for corporations (companies, schools, travel agencies, etc.)

    (2) General office work and network system management work related to the above
    ・Administrative work related to the above (telephone answering, customer service, input work, etc.)

  • Profession

    Sales/Marketing/Sales Support/Service Desk

  • Service

    head office
    8F, Eitai Building, 1-22-11 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

    About an 8-minute walk from Kayabacho Station on the Subway Tozai Line/Hibiya Line
    8 minutes on foot from Suitiangumae Station on the Subway Hanzomon Line
    About 10 minutes on foot from JR Keiyo Line/Subway Hibiya Line Hatchobori Station

  • operating hours

    Monday to Friday 9:30-17:30 (including 1 hour break)

  • salary

    Monthly salary 300,000 to 400,000 yen
    Occupation and experience will be taken into consideration and will be determined according to our company regulations.

  • Treatment/Benefits

    Social insurance (health insurance, welfare pension, employment insurance, work-related injury insurance)
    Pay for your commute
    retirement plan
    salary increase
    Internal Training System (OJT)

  • holiday

    Saturday, Sunday and public holidays
    New Year holidays
    paid annual leave
    summer vacation
    other special holidays

  • Application conditions

    ・Practical experience in tourism business
    ・A person with the mindset to contribute to society through crisis management practice

    * Enterprise sales experience is preferred (school, company)
    * Those who can speak English or Chinese in daily conversation are preferred

  • How to apply

    Please mail your CV (with photo) and employment history, or convert it to PDF and send it by email.

    Following document screening, applicants will be contacted by email with an interview date and time.
    *In principle, interviews are conducted face-to-face.
    *Application documents will not be returned.

    (Address to send application documents)
    8F, Eitai Building, 1-22-11 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
    CS Division Recruitment Manager

    【Mail address】

    Our Privacy Policy

  • contact address

    03-6625-5410 /

  • HR Personnel Name


  • others

    ■□■□■□■ There is a bonus system for this recruitment■□■□■□■

    Travel Vision will present a 30,000 yen gift to selected employees.
    Please contact!


    ●Please go to Travel Vision to apply for congratulations within 90 days from the date of receiving the recruitment notice from the applicant company.

    ●After receiving your application, we will confirm with the company you are applying for that you are hired, and then pay the congratulations.

    ●From the first day of work, we will pay congratulatory money after confirming continuous work for 30 days.
    * If you leave within 30 days of your first day on the job, no congratulations will be paid.

    ●The remittance fee paid by He Jin shall be borne by the applicant.

    ●Employer agrees to use personal information required for congratulatory payments in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

    ●Our company has nothing to do with admission or rejection. Please note.

    ●If the information registered by the employee at the time of application is false, no matter whether it is intentional or negligent, we will not pay the entry bonus.

  • Company Name

    Japan Airac Co., Ltd.

  • Branch name

    Crisis Resolution Section

  • representative name

    Kunihara Hidenori

  • address

    1-22-11 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
    Aitai Building 9F

  • telephone number


  • fax


  • url

  • corporate philosophy

    Find a solution one step ahead

    As a comprehensive claims company, we provide safety and security to society by building professional and original know-how based on our rich knowledge, technology, experience and network.

  • business content

    “Overseas/domestic emergency support service business”

    Drawing on our extensive response record and experience and our national and international network, we provide services to support travel agencies, universities and higher education institutions in responding to emergencies and establishing crisis management systems.

  • Date of establishment

    May 1996

  • capital

    20,000,000 yen

  • Number of employees

    243 employees (as of February 2022, consolidated)

  • sales

    978,000,000 (2021)

  • office


  • member

    insurance services co., ltd.
    Fusion SI Co., Ltd.

  • major client

    Travel agencies (JATA support system), domestic public and private universities, research institutes, study abroad agencies, insurance companies, major companies, etc.

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