“It’s crazy that your passport expires before it expires”


A woman on TikTok has gone viral after being denied an international flight because her passport had expired — even though her passport was still months away from officially expiring.

Nneoma (@astoldbynneoma) and her family have been planning a family trip for over six months to celebrate her mother’s birthday, but if she doesn’t get a brand new passport within 24 hours to catch up with her family, all her money And hard work will be in vain. to waste.

Her passport expired five months after her flight date, but some countries require your passport to be valid for at least six months after the date of travel. The U.S. has signed an agreement with several countries to waive the rule, however, there are still some countries that enforce it — like China.

This rule was news to a lot of people in the comments who thought you could use it before the expiry date on the passport.

“It’s crazy that your passport expires before it expires,” @moneytokduh said.

“It’s common knowledge that you all do this,” @kkmjam replied.

Nneoma had no choice but to try to get a new passport the next day, but that was an adventure in itself.

Since there were no openings at her local passport agency, she had to fly to Buffalo, New York, to meet with someone who said she could get her a passport that day. She was able to obtain a passport, book a flight to meet the family and arrive at the airport in time.

When she got there, however, another problem arose. The airline lost her luggage, and she had to choose between boarding the plane without knowing where it was, or waiting until the airline found it.

She hasn’t released the next video from the saga yet, but if she follows her recent pattern, this busy travel story is drawing to a close.

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