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Cathay Pacific

The “Airport Authority Hong Kong”, which operates the Hong Kong International Airport, will launch a free ticket distribution campaign “World of Winners” in Japan from June 26, 2023 (Monday). There are approximately 38,000 free tickets to choose from. Three Hong Kong-based companies operating routes to Japan were eligible. The number of tickets allocated to each company is about 15,000 for Cathay Pacific, about 6,000 for Hong Kong Airlines, and about 17,000 for Hong Kong Express, but there are cases where the allocation exceeds the planned number.

At a press conference held at the Tokyo Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Minato-ku, Tokyo on the 20th, the background and purpose of the event were revealed.

News photo 1: The situation introduced to the media

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Introduce to the media

Hong Kong people spend “10% of their personal income” in Japan, making Japan a popular tourist destination, said Yau Teng-wah, minister of commerce and economic development of the Hong Kong government (the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government) that governs Hong Kong. Emphasize first. He said that the inbound demand for Japan is showing a recovery trend, and he hopes to strengthen the capture of Japanese tourists (outbound demand). In this context, he said that he attaches great importance to Japanese routes, and the number of Japanese routes is very large, even for the world.

News Photo 2: Mr. Yau Teng-wah, Director of the Commerce and Economic Development Department of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government

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Mr. Qiu Tenghua, Director of Commerce and Economic Development of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government

Ms. Priscilla Chan, Chief Operating Officer of the Airport Authority Hong Kong, who sponsored the event, explained the airport maintenance situation, saying, “Hong Kong International Airport is the first stop for people arriving in Hong Kong”.

News Photo 3: Ms. Priscilla Chan, Chief Operating Officer of Airport Authority Hong Kong

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Ms Priscilla Chan, Chief Operating Officer, Airport Authority Hong Kong

With the opening of the third runway in July 2022, Hong Kong International Airport can now handle about 120 million passengers and about 10 million tons of cargo annually. In addition, expansion of Terminal 2, construction of Terminal 2 lobby and apron, operation of a new automated passenger system train connecting Terminal 2 and lobby, and introduction of a high-speed baggage handling system capable of handling various kinds of luggage. A capacity of 9,600 pieces of luggage per hour is currently under construction, and ancillary facilities such as office buildings, a logistics center and a stadium will also be built.

News Figure 4: About the maintenance status of Hong Kong International Airlines

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HKIA Maintenance Status

In November 2022, the world’s longest 200m pedestrian bridge “Sky Bridge” will be completed in the restricted area of ​​Terminal 1. Through the glass floor under your feet, you can see the plane passing through the “flyover”, and in the renovated shopping area, there are more than 40 well-known brand stores, you can enjoy the fun of waiting for the boarding.

News photo 5: The connection channel (overpass) connecting Terminal 1 and the satellite hall (T1S)

© Airport Authority Hong Kong

Connecting passageway (overpass) connecting Terminal 1 and Satellite Hall (T1S)

News photo 6: The plane may pass under your feet

© Airport Authority Hong Kong

planes can fly under your feet

At the end of the event, Ms. Priscilla Chan said: “This is an excellent opportunity for Japanese tourists to experience the many new services and facilities at the airport and rediscover the charm of Hong Kong.”

News photos on the 7th: Mr. Chen Zhiwei of Hong Kong Express Airways (left), Mr. Cheng Guoqiang of Cathay Pacific Airways (second from right), and Mr. Wang Weiyan of Hong Kong Airlines (right)

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Hong Kong Express Chen Zhiwei (left), Cathay Pacific Chin (second from right), Hong Kong Airlines Wang Weiyan (right)

Cathay Pacific, which participated in the event, said: “Demand is recovering rapidly, and we hope that people who have never been to Hong Kong can fully enjoy Hong Kong.” Nelson Chin) and commented.

In addition, Eric Tan, Customer and Brand Director of Hong Kong Express, said in an interview with the FlyTeam editorial department, “We are currently focusing on re-expanding Japan routes. While evaluating, we are considering resuming routes or opening new routes.” “Demand Trends .I want to decide on a route,” he commented. He said he intends to use the event as an opportunity to stimulate demand and expand business.

News Figure 8: Free ticket distribution event

© Hong Kong International Airport

Free ticket campaign “World of Winners”

The event precedes South Korea and Taiwan. The reason why Japan is starting now is because of the timing of the lifting of the border blockade. This is based on the size of the previous demand. “He said.

Participation in the event requires entry from the websites of all three companies. First-come, first-served, Hong Kong Express from June 26 (Monday) at 11:00, Hong Kong Airlines from June 27 (Tuesday) at 9:00. The lucky draw will be distributed by Cathay Pacific starting at noon on the 26th, but you need to register as a member of the company’s mileage program “Cathay Pacific”. The target routes are Japan departure and arrival routes operated by three companies (Narita, Haneda, New Chitose, Chubu, Kansai, Yonago, Takamatsu, Fukuoka, Kagoshima, Naha). Each company can register once.

Airport taxes and fuel surcharges (totaling around tens of thousands of yen) will be borne by you, but why not take this opportunity to make a plan to go to Hong Kong?

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