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Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka right now?5 Essentials Every Traveler Must Know

Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka right now?5 Essentials Every Traveler Must Know

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Known for its stunning landscapes, hospitality and rich culture, Sri Lanka has recently (to say the least) faced its fair share of challenges.

The severe political turmoil sparked by the economic crisis — not helped by the fallout from COVID-19 — has raised concerns among Sri Lankans and globetrotters about the safety and viability of the South Asian island.

Aerial view of Colombo, Sri Lanka

While these issues have not been fully resolved, Sri Lanka’s current well-being points to a significant recovery, making it an increasingly safe and attractive destination for those who love to travel – especially on a tight budget Down.

despite this, Before crossing the Sri Lankan border, travelers must be aware of five key aspects that affect the state of the country, good and bad:

Past Political and Economic Challenges

In March 2022, Sri Lanka began to experience appalling power outages and shortages of essentials, including the all-important fuel, medicine and food. As a result, inflation soared 50% a year, sparking popular unrest, which in turn led to mass protests across the country.

The government’s inability to supply such goods due to a lack of local currency led to the resignation of President Goyabaya Rajapaksa in July and the protests died down in November after eight months of chaos.

sri lanka protest

Much-needed financial support for the partnership

Since the former president retired and Ranil Wickremesinghe took over Rajapaksa’s rule the same month, Sri Lanka has fortunately begun to receive substantial financial support to regain its footing, including $3 billion from the International Monetary Fund Grants and loans of $600 million disbursed by the World Bank.

Most notably, however, India extended a $4 billion line of credit to Sri Lanka early in the financial crisis, which is due to end in March this year. Nevertheless, after fulfilling remaining obligations and having only $350m remaining, India, out of goodwill, provided Sri Lanka with an additional $1 billion two months ago for essential imports and more time to restore stability .

Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka.
Telephoto image of the old auditorium, with its ornate steps, guarded by lions, a UNESCO landscape.

According to reports, Sri Lanka’s inflation rate fell by 14% after fiscal support and the implementation of correct economic management policies by the government.

Now is the time for tourism to play a role. Excursions are more than just cocktails and sightseeing on the beach. By driving demand for services and local goods, the country’s financial health can be greatly improved, helping to build a healthy economy and foster prosperity and growth for its citizens.

sri lanka coast

Maintain security and critical resources

Given the large amount of aid, it is safe to say Sri Lanka is now safe enough to visit.The nation has finally conquered all Critical Shortages: Fuel supplies have been replenished, medical services are operating normally, and supermarkets and restaurants have been restocked.

Tourist attractions such as national parks and beaches are also operating as usualTo provide a calm, enjoyable experience for all, as if nothing had happened.

By showing resilience, Sri Lanka has reinvented itself as a destination of choice and welcomes travelers from all over the world with open arms.

Elephants at sunset in Sri Lanka

affordable travel

A major silver lining is that the depreciation of the country’s local currency (the Sri Lankan rupee) has made Sri Lanka an extremely affordable holiday hotspot.

Unlike much of the rest of the hospitality industry, Sri Lankan hotels have maintained pre-pandemic prices, enabling travelers to save big on comfortable accommodations (often with spectacular pool, spa and beach views).

Food junkies will also be happy to know they can get an inexpensive meal for just a few bucks, with most bougie restaurants on the island charging around $15, but often pricey for great food. Drinkers can also enjoy a cold beer in the sun for just $1.25.

Skyline of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Amazing Landmarks and Experiences

Known as the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, Sri Lanka has so much to offer, with beautiful landscapes, national parks teeming with wildlife and picturesque coastlines – all of which offer exciting opportunities for all walks of life experience.

The country is a haven for adventurous animal lovers, with Yala National Park and Udawalawe National Park offering once-in-a-lifetime wildlife adventures. Visitors have the unique opportunity to witness many exotic animals: elephants, storks, mongooses, langurs and marco ha monkeys to name a few.

Shutterstock 2147378777 4.jpg

Despite the grandeur of Sri Lanka’s landmarks, the country’s charm goes far beyond its natural beauty. It also has a remarkable cultural history, from colonial architecture to Buddhist temples and ancient palaces that captivate all visitors.

No matter what travel excites you, it’s time to embark on a Sri Lankan adventure. This diverse destination offers a range of enticing experiences that are affordable and sunny, ideal for boosting your vitamin D levels any time of year.

traveler alert: Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance for your next trip!


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Is it safe to travel to Sri Lanka right now?5 Essentials Every Traveler Must Know 16
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