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At the “15th IMT-GT Summit” held on May 11, Indonesian President Joko Widodo expressed his willingness to further strengthen the cooperation among the three countries of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand to enhance the attractiveness of entry.

Specifically, it aims to attract 60 million tourists and achieve foreign exchange earnings of US$75 billion between 2023 and 2025.

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Held the IMT-GT Summit

On May 11, the same day as the ASEAN Summit, the “15th IMT-GT Summit” was held, and senior officials from IMT-GT member countries attended the meeting.

“IMT” stands for Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, while GT stands for Growth and Triangle.

In his opening speech, Indonesian President Joko Widodo expressed his gratitude for “2021 IMT-GT trade volume reaching 618 billion US dollars in the global crisis”.

Strive to attract 60 million inbound tourists in three years

In his speech, Indonesian President Joko Widodo encouraged IMT-GT to continue to be an engine of inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

Affected by the novel coronavirus epidemic, the tourism industry has been hit hard, and the number of overseas tourists in the three IMT-GT countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand) has dropped sharply.

Positioning 2023 to 2025 as the “Years of Visit IMT-GT” to boost the recovery of tourism amidst the recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. It added that it aims to attract 60 million tourists and achieve foreign exchange earnings of $75 billion during the period.

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IMT-GT: leaders-joint-statement-for-the-15-imt-gt-summit-in-labuan-bajo-indonesia

TTG ASIA: Indonesia strengthens tourism ties with Malaysia and Thailand

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On the other hand, in China, due to the large-scale information censorship system called the Great Firewall, global search engines such as Google and Facebook, SNS, etc. cannot be used, and the country is developing its own information platform. Therefore, China’s entry measures need to be different from other countries and regions, and I think some people may be at a loss.

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