Indians still visiting Nepal amid Covid-19 restrictions | Travel

According to the Nepal Department of Immigration (DOI), as many as 1,77,675 foreign tourists visited Nepal in the first eight months of 2020.

Despite Nepal’s lockdown to curb Covid-19 infections, Indian tourists topped the list with 177,000 tourists.

A total of 16,800 Indians visited Nepal in early January, 16,558 in February, 6,793 in March, 2 in April, 7 in May, 26 in June and 41 in July, DoI data showed. , 23 people in August.

In January, 65,983 tourists visited the Himalayan country, while that number soared to 77,064 in February. The figure fell to 34,025 in March, before the nationwide Covid-19 lockdown was imposed.

A total of 13 foreigners entered Nepal in April, including 2 Indians, 30 in May, 100 in June, 195 in July and 265 in August. A total of 30 people entered Nepal in May, 100 in June, 195 in July and 265 in August.

In August, 55 US citizens and 42 British citizens visited Nepal, the highest number for that month.

A total of 7,39,000 tourists arrived in the Himalayan country between January and August last year.

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