Indian Visas for United Arab Emirates, Hungary, Kenya and Finland

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Posted on August 15, 2023

Indian Visa in Emirate of Dubai

Anyone intending to enter India for business, leisure or medical reasons must present a valid visa to the authorities. The Indian government has made it as easy as possible to apply for an Indian visa from the UAE. Before entering the country, an electronic visa must be obtained. Citizens of more than 169 countries can now apply for an e-Visa to India. UAE citizens who want to travel to India for leisure can apply for a tourist e-Visa online. UAE citizens can now apply for an Indian tourist visa from the comfort of their own homes thanks to the advent of the Indian e-Visa. In India, an Electronic Visa (eTV), sometimes called an eVisa, is an online travel authorization. It is a multiple-entry visa for e-tourists and e-commerce, valid for 365 days, and a triple-entry visa for e-medicine and e-physician assistants, valid for 60 days. For UAE citizens, the process is very simple. Online visas do not require you to visit an embassy or consulate. You don’t have to do anything in person as the process takes place entirely online.

Required Documents for UAE Citizens

  • A valid passport valid for at least six months
  • Passport-style photo of the applicant
  • A valid email address to receive the eVisa in your inbox.
  • You can pay the processing fee with a credit or debit card.

Indian visa from Finland

Since 2014, the Indian government has provided Finns with an online Indian visa application form. In response, the Indian government launched the Indian e-Visa in 2014 to speed up the entry of tourists from around the world, including Finns. Finns from any of 169 countries can apply for an Indian eVisa. The India e-Visa allows travelers to visit friends and family, receive short-term medical care or conduct short-term business in the country. Finns can use e-visas for a variety of purposes, including tourist, business and medical visas. For most countries, the Tourist e-Visa allows you to stay in India for up to 90 days. A tourist visa allows two visits to the country. The electronic visa is valid for one year or 90 days. Finnish citizens can apply for a tourist e-visa up to two times in one year. Business Visa: This visa allows you to enter India for business and business purposes. With this type, you can stay in India for a total of up to 365 days from the date of grant and can make multiple entries with each stay not exceeding 180 days. Medical eVisa – for medical treatment in India. This type of e-Visa allows you to stay in India for a maximum of 60 days from the date of your first entry and re-enter India 2 times within these 60 days. Applying for an eVisa is easy and does not require a trip to an embassy or consulate as it is a completely online process. All applicants from Finland require a stable internet connection and the required documents.

Documents required for Finnish citizens

  • A passport valid for at least six months from the date of entry into India.
  • Email address to receive eVisa in your inbox.
  • You can pay the eVisa fee with a credit or debit card.
  • A digital copy of the passport biographical page.
  • A recent passport-style color photograph.

Indian visa from Hungary

Applying for a visa online in just a few minutes allows Hungarians to visit India and enjoy its magnificent surroundings. Hungary is one of 169 countries that can get an e-tourist visa to visit India. Since the introduction of India eVisa in 2014, obtaining an India travel permit has become easier and can be done in just a few simple steps. Hungarians can apply for various Indian e-visas. The e-Tourist Multiple Entry Visa allows Hungarian tourists to stay in India for a maximum of 90 days. With the Indian Double Entry E-Commerce Visa, Hungary can stay in India for a total of 180 days from the date of entry. The Indian three-entry e-medical visa has a shorter validity period of 120 days from the date of issue and a maximum stay of 60 days, but the Indian e-medical attendant visa has the same criteria for family members accompanying the patient. Hungarians must enter India before the e-Visa expires. Once a tourist or business e-visa is approved, it is valid for one year from the date of approval. Hungarians applying for an Indian e-commerce or e-medical visa may require additional documentation, such as a business card or a letter from the hospital receiving treatment. Hungarian citizens can obtain an e-Visa by filling out the India e-Visa application form, which takes less than 15 minutes. Application processing takes no more than 2-4 working days.

Indian Visa Requirements for Hungarian Citizens

  • A valid Hungarian passport, valid for 6 months after you enter India.
  • A valid email address to receive the eVisa in your inbox.
  • A valid debit or credit card used to pay the visa fee.

Indian visa from Kenya

Kenyans intending to travel to India for leisure, business or medical reasons do not need to apply for a consular visa at the nearest Indian diplomatic mission as they are eligible for an e-visa. Since the launch of the India e-Visa, Kenya is eligible to apply for any India e-Visa category along with 169 other countries. The Republic of India issues a range of visas for the various reasons a passenger may travel. The Indian Tourist eVisa is the most common type of permit. This type of visa is also issued to visitors of friends and family. Tourist visas for India are multiple-entry permits that allow travelers to stay in the country for up to 90 days. This permit is valid for one year from the date of issue. For those wishing to enter India for business purposes, Indian officials have created the Indian E-Commerce Visa. Holders of this permit can stay in the country for up to 180 consecutive days. This visa is a multiple-entry visa and is valid for one year from the date of issue. Applicants are required to provide specific documents, such as business cards or business letters. Those coming to India for medical treatment can apply for the Indian e-Medical Visa; a note from the receiving institution is required. This is a three-entry visa which allows a stay of 60 days in India; the second and third entries must be made within that time frame. The electronic medical visa is valid for 120 days from the date of issue. The India eVisa for Kenyan natives is a quick and easy online application. The visa application process for India takes 10 to 20 minutes. Applicants from Kenya must provide personal information as well as passport details when completing the online form.

Documents Required for Kenyan Citizenship

  • Passport – All applicants wishing to obtain an Indian e-Visa must possess a valid passport. This document has at least 6 months remaining validity from the date of arrival in India. Also, you must scan the information page of your passport.
  • Digital Passport Photo – You will need to ensure that the photo is recent and meets all other guidelines for a valid passport photo. The format must be JPEG.
  • Email address – you will receive your travel documents by email once they have been issued. That’s why you need to provide a valid address that you have access to.
  • Payment Methods – You can pay the eVisa fee with a credit or debit card.

Airports and Seaports Allowing Indian Visa

According to Indian e-Visa immigration regulations, when applying for an Indian Business or Tourist e-Visa, you must enter India by air or cruise ship at specific airports and ports. If you hold a multiple-entry e-visa, you can pass through different airports or seaports on subsequent visits. Although you can leave India by four different modes of transportation (air, cruise, rail and bus), the e-Visa only allows you to enter India by two means: by plane or by cruise ship. The list of approved airports and seaports is revised every few months, so bookmark and check back regularly. The list will change and add other airports and seaports in the coming months, depending on the decisions of the Indian immigration authorities.

Indian eVisa Authorized Ports of Entry

1. Ahmedabad (AMD)

2. Amritsar (ATQ)

3. Bagdogra (IXB)

4. Bangalore (BLR)

5. Bhubaneswar (BBI)

6. Calicut (CCJ)

7. Chandigarh (IXC)

8. Chennai (MAA)

9. Kochi (COK)

10. Coimbatore (CJB)

11. Delhi (DEL)

12. Gaya (GAY)

13. Goa (GOI)

14. Guwahati (GAU)

15. Hyderabad (Hyd)

16. Jaipur (JAI) 17. Kannur (CNN)

18. Kolkata (CCU)

19. Lucknow (LKO)

20. Madurai Airport (IXM)

21. Mangalore (IXE)

22. Mumbai (BOM)

23. Nagpur (NAG)

24. Porterblair (IXZ)

25. Pune (PNQ)

26. Tiruchirappalli (TRZ)

27. Trivandrum (TRV)

28. Varanasi (VNS)

29. Visakhapatnam (VTZ)

The approved seaports are:

  1. cochin harbor
  2. chennai seaport
  3. goa seaport
  4. Mangalore Harbor
  5. Mumbai Harbor

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