Indian English School Stanford English Academy Announces Scholarship Program for Japanese Students, Limited to 300 | Stanford English Academy LLP Press Release

Indian English School Stanford English Academy Announces Scholarship Program for Japanese Students, Limited to 300 | Stanford English Academy LLP Press Release

Scholarship details website:

NAVY MUMBAI, INDIA – The Stanford English Academy (SEA) today announced a new scholarship program. This program offers up to half of tuition fees for international students from Japan. The scholarship is limited to 300 students and aims to attract outstanding students to study in India while improving their English language skills through high-quality English language education at SEA.

■ About Stanford English Institute

SEA is a language school located in Navi Mumbai, India, with students from 50 countries around the world, providing English education for students from different backgrounds. Principal Dr Anand Thakur has over 40 years of teaching experience and has worked with the Indian Ministry of Education to host international students from over 25 countries.

■ Overview of scholarship programs

*Detailed HP:

① 50% discount on course fees (12-month course, 50 students)

② 3-month free course (12-month course, 50 people)

③ 2 hours of free one-to-one lessons per week (6-month course, 50 students)

④ 50% discount on accommodation fee (6-month course, 50 people)

⑤ Round-trip air tickets and student visa application fee (6-month course, 100 students)

*Each scholarship is awarded based on specific skills and abilities. This includes achievements such as leadership, academic performance, motivation and writing skills. The application process involves students completing an online form and submitting required documents.

■ Purpose of this program

The purpose of this program is to provide outstanding Japanese students with the opportunity to study English abroad and emphasize how SEA’s educational programs can contribute to their future careers. By reducing tuition, students can maximize resources to achieve personal goals and professional development.

*For detailed application methods and scholarship information, please refer to the official website of the Stanford English Institute.


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*Study abroad

■ Efforts of Stanford English Institute

In today’s society that requires a global perspective, English proficiency is becoming an increasingly important skill. Stanford English offers students the best possible place to maximize their life and professional impact through their English studies. Stanford Institute of English is India’s leading English and foreign language learning institution, established in Navi Mumbai in 2010. To maximize our students’ English skills, we have students from over 50 countries around the world and are educated by qualified staff and state-of-the-art facilities. We guarantee all graduates a rich international portfolio of different nationalities, 100% student satisfaction and career success.

■Company Profile

Institution Name: Stanford Institute of English

Representative: Dr. Anand Thakur

Address: Monarch Orchid. first floor. Lot number 94-95.

District 19. Kharghar. Navi Mumbai.410210. Maharashtra.India


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