India travel security top govt’s concern

The Indian government will soon roll out new initiatives to address traveler safety concerns.

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Stressing the importance of India’s G20 Presidency today, Mr. MR Synrem, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Tourism said that the Indian travel and tourism industry is providing unparalleled opportunities to highlight India’s tourism products and success stories on the global stage.

Commenting on the government’s initiative, Mr Synrem said the ministry was developing platforms for personalization and traveler engagement. “Digital technology today allows us to collect and analyze data to create a personalized experience. The ministry will soon be rolling out several new initiatives through the existing helpline ‘1363’ to address… the safety and security of travellers. We are trying to digitize the travel and tourism industry,” he noted.

Speaking at FICCI’s 5th Digital Tourism, Hospitality and Innovation Summit 2023, Mr Synrem said that the Ministry of Tourism is focusing on digitization as an identified key priority area. “National Integrated Database for Hospitality Industry (NIDHI) is one of the Ministry’s Atmanirbhar Bharat initiatives to empower our businesses with technology. NIDHI is not just a database but is poised to be the main gateway to opportunities in the hospitality industry,” he added, “G20 The tourism thematic sessions focus on key areas such as sustainable development, digitalization and promoting inclusive growth.”

24/7 Toll Free Tourist Helpline Number 1-800-11-1363 or Short Code: 1363 Supports multiple languages ​​including English, Hindi, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin (Chinese), Portuguese and Russian.

Basically, this helpline is for travelers facing cheating, harassment and any other kind of issues. They can call that number immediately and we will help as quickly as possible.

This service is available 365 days a year through the Multilingual Service Desk. The purpose of this helpline is to provide information on travel and tourism in India to domestic and international tourists. The helpline also advises callers in case of difficulties while traveling in India and alerts the relevant authorities if required. This is a unique effort by the Government of India to give foreign tourists a sense of security during their travels in India.

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