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Incheon Songdo becomes a one-stop MICE service

Incheon, South Korea, Jan. 09, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Incheon Metropolitan City, Republic of Korea, is becoming a hub city in Northeast Asia. The reason is that Incheon is in the spotlight as the fastest gateway city to South Korea and a beneficiary of the government’s economic development policies. In particular, with the completion of the Incheon Songdo International Convention Zone (ICCZ), Incheon is consolidating its position as a core city for the MICE (Meeting Incentive Conference and Exhibition) industry.

Incheon is only 28 kilometers away from Seoul, the capital of South Korea. With this geographical advantage, sea and air routes extend in all directions and the traffic environment is superior. Incheon has a well-connected transportation network such as Incheon Port, Incheon Subway, and Incheon International Airport. Currently, Incheon is connected to 52 countries, 88 airlines, and 173 cities. With these strengths, Incheon continues to grow by constructing various industrial and logistics parks, tourism and leisure parks, and new residential areas, expanding expressways, and adding educational and cultural facilities.

In addition, Incheon was awarded the title of the world’s safest city in 2016 by the global statistics website “Numbeo”. Thanks to the smart city system with 24-hour monitoring, Incheon is able to provide security services in all fields including transportation, crime prevention and disaster prevention. In addition, there are specialized hospitals for foreigners that can provide emergency medical services no matter where the patient is from.

Smart MICE is also a major advantage of Incheon. Smart MICE consists of more than 219 advanced Internet of Things (IoT) data collection sensors to collect and analyze tourist flow throughout Incheon, including tourist areas. This is used as the basic data for the development of the convention and exhibition industry. In addition, real-time monitoring solutions operate through state-of-the-art information-gathering sensors and environmental information-gathering devices. Its core idea is to highlight the advantages of the exhibition industry by building a system control system with immediate response. Smart digital signage platforms also contribute to the development of the MICE industry, such as indoor multimedia, KIOSK, outdoor rotating media boards, bus information terminals, and tour guide robot ROMI.

In 2018, Incheon City formulated a five-year plan for the cultivation and promotion of the Incheon Songdo International Conference Park. Incheon has been advancing multiple district projects with a focus on creating an ecosystem and building infrastructure for the MICE industry. Therefore, ICCZ is attracting attention as a dedicated zone for fostering the international convention industry, leading the MICE industry in Incheon. Accommodation, shopping, and cultural facilities are concentrated around the Songdo Convention Center, providing one-stop services for international conference participants.

In ICCZ, there are new attractive places such as Incheon Art Center, large shopping malls such as Hyundai Outlets and Songdo Sanchong Street, Sheraton Grand Incheon Hotel, Oakwood Premier Incheon, Orakai Songdo Park Hotel, Holiday Inn Incheon Songdo, etc. Tourist accommodations, Songdo Sky Park Hotel and Songdo Central Park Hotel, prove Incheon’s competitive advantage in attracting international conferences.

Incheon also expressed its determination to prepare the institutional foundation and systematic approach for the future cultivation of the international conference industry unique to Incheon. Incheon aims to lead the development of Korea’s MICE industry through these efforts.

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Xu Huilan
Director of MICE Bureau of Incheon Tourism Organization

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