Inbound version of “KDDI Location Analyzer”, an artesian flow analysis tool capable of grasping the flow of foreigners visiting Japan from 20 countries and regions, will be launched this fall | Giken Shoji International Co., Ltd. Press Release

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■ Overview of this service
The service is based on the inbound GPS data obtained by Navitime Japan’s route search for foreign tourists visiting Japan and the multilingual travel information application “Japan Travel by NAVITIME” and the attribute questionnaire obtained from the user’s consent, providing services for inbound passenger flow and dynamic analysis. area. By utilizing GPS positioning information, narrow area grids (125m) and facility dimensions can be analyzed, and inbound flow and dynamics can be analyzed in detail. For example, it is possible to design optimal routes for each area or facility based on the difference in visit dynamics between Japanese and foreign tourists, and to set optimal tour routes by nationality in tourist attractions that provide multilingual guidance. Do.

Equipped with an intuitive UI/UX similar to the Japanese people flow big data analysis tool “KDDI Location Analyzer”, it is used by companies in a wide range of industries and evaluated as easy to use. Users of “KDDI Location Analyzer” can perform inbound analysis immediately without learning any special operation method.

(Benefits of use)
・Development of promotional plans to attract foreign tourists to Japan
・Grasp the number of immigrants from each country/region, and select the foreign languages ​​that should be supported in the facility
・Based on the difference in the dynamics of domestic and foreign tourists visiting Japan, design optimal routes for areas and facilities
・Multilingual introduction of tourist destinations and the best tour routes
・Disclose to local residents the flow and dynamics of foreigners visiting Japan

(Service Features)
・Self-analysis tool that can be operated intuitively on the Internet
・It is also possible to compare the situation before and after the COVID-19 disaster
・Using GPS-based location information data and more fine-grained attribute questionnaire information for each facility or a 125m square grid obtained from Navitime Japan’s inbound application
・A narrow area grid (125m) and facility size can be analyzed using GPS-based position information instead of base station-based position information
・Since the minimum analysis area is 125 square meters per week, it is also possible to analyze inbound personnel and movement in specific areas and facility units.
・It is also possible to perform distribution analysis by administrative area boundary and simultaneously analyze 6 facilities that are set arbitrarily.
・By signing a set of contracts with the domestic version, you can check the dynamics of domestic tourists in Japan and foreign tourists visiting Japan in the same service, so that domestic tourists and inbound tourists can be integrated and analyzed (domestic version and foreign tourists) Japanese tourist version use contract is required)
・Analysis results can be downloaded in Excel format report and CSV format

(using big data)
We use inbound GPS data and attribute questionnaire data obtained with the user’s consent in the route search and multilingual travel information application “Japan Travel by NAVITIME” provided by Navitime Japan for foreigners visiting Japan.

main data

By Region / By Nationality

20 countries and regions (East Asia: South Korea, China, Taiwan, etc.; North America: the United States, Canada, etc.; Europe: Britain, France, Germany, etc.; Others: India, Russia, etc.)

dwell time

Locating (every few minutes, including passing) /

Dwell (stay in the same 1km grid for 30 minutes or more)

Experience of visiting Japan

Visiting Japan for the first time/Visiting Japan more than twice

by time zone

All day/morning/day/evening/midnight

Aggregation granularity

125m grid, administrative boundaries, facilities, etc.

target period

From January to December 2019, from November 2022 onwards

update frequency

Weekly update

(Analysis Project)




(1) Area analysis function

Resident Population Analysis

Visualization of the resident population within the grid and its breakdown by nationality

(2) Facility visitor analysis function

Audience Nationality Analysis

・Visualization of the expected visitor’s nationality, visit time, etc.

・Arbitrary locations can be compared (up to 6)

Single Point of Analysis Dashboard

Visually estimate visitor attributes, experience visiting Japan, etc. by day of the week.

(offer start date)
Scheduled for early October 2023 or later
*Please refer to our website for details ( will guide you further.

(use consultation)
For inquiries about the service fee, functions, application method, etc., please contact the following department.
Tel: 03-5362-3955

(About KDDI Position Analyzer)
KDDI Location Analyzer is a cloud-based GIS (Map Information System) equipped with GPS location information big data
and attribute (gender, age group, etc.) information, available from May. Stores, facilities, visitor numbers in specific areas, trends by time zone, weekdays and holidays, visitor attributes, etc. can be analyzed.・A regional marketing tool used as a real estate consultant is being introduced.▶ Product page:

* Location information big data refers to location information data and attribute information (gender, age group, etc.) acquired by KDDI with the consent of au smartphone users, and processed into a format that cannot identify users.
■ about us
(Business Overview)

Through the provision of marketing data analysis tools and operational support, promote the construction of an ecosystem in the field of marketing data and support business promotion based on enterprise data.
Provide GIS (map information system) for business circle analysis and regional marketing
・ GIS “MarketAnalyzer™ 5” for trade area analysis / area marketing
・Cloud GIS “KDDI Position Analyzer” equipped with GPS position information data, etc.
Providing accumulated analytical data and expertise
・Support enhanced data strategy by providing data, API and GIS engine
・Construction of in-store visitor detection system

・Advances in digital advertising
(Company Profile)
Company name: Giken Shoji International Co., Ltd.
Representative: Tomomi Kotomi, Representative Director
Location: Nagoya Headquarters: GSI Building, 2-30 Chiraku-cho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi Prefecture
Tokyo Headquarters: 7F, PMO Shinjuku Gyoenmae, 2-1-12 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Established: January 1976
Capital: 231,125,000 yenURL:

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