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Golden Week, how is everyone doing?

I have been to Hong Kong and Shenzhen! I have been abroad for four years, yay!

China and Hong Kong, just for sightseeing! yeah!

Well, isn’t it? I was a little apprehensive before going. What should I do with my smartphone and SIM card? Right now, I’m using the main Pixel 6a with a Rakuten Mobile SIM card.

Rakuten Mobile has a “Rakuten UN-LIMIT VII” plan in 69 overseas countries and regions, in other words, it allows data communication while roaming overseas without increasing the contract fee for ordinary users. This country includes Hong Kong and China, including Shenzhen. Kyafuu!


This is it. Is it correct to say that overseas data usage up to 2GB is the same as the normal rate?

Well, to be precise, at the original data communication speed, the maximum capacity that can be used is 2GB, and then it is limited to a maximum of 128kbps, which seems to limit travel, but on the other hand, if it is a short trip, I think so enough.

By the way, the author’s situation this time is 4 nights and 5 days, so yes, I think it will be perfect or too much even if I use it extravagantly, such as roaming to the computer. So, I’m wondering if I should do this, and I’m wondering if I don’t need a local SIM.

However, an acquaintance of a Rakuten user who recently went to Hawaii said, “Rakuten Mobile’s roaming is difficult. I sincerely think that I was right to borrow a Wi-Fi router. No, Mr. Yamato, please borrow it seriously. In fact, I also I was a little scared to receive such a suggestion.

There is such a thing.

I have a Pixel 6a and an iPhone SE (2nd generation) and two smartphones, so just in case, the secondary iPhone has data SIM cards for Hong Kong and China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK). Airport 7-11 (validity: 365 days, data capacity: 8GB, 4G/3G, $238) and set up.


Just in case, 238 Hong Kong dollars (about 4,000 yen) bought a SIM card… which was not needed! For the money, I could have had another delicious dim sum meal on site! (tears)

yeah! I don’t want it! I don’t need a local SIM card for now! It is futile!

That’s great, at least for my Pixel 6a and Rakuten Mobile SIM pair.

The antenna doesn’t seem to be pinging all the time (like my hotel room in Shenzhen was about half the size of the pictogram), but I was able to connect to 4G most of the time.


In the center of Hong Kong. Although it’s 4G, I’m catching radio waves full of antenna pictograms! perfect!

I accidentally forgot the speed test, but I tweeted a message saying, “I was denied a visa. I’m in trouble.” I was able to use it as comfortably as I use Rakuten Mobile in Japan, if not better , just like sending photos and viewing messages on LINE.

…Or, unlike Japan, overseas roaming companies have wider coverage, so you don’t need to search for places with radio waves, which is easier to use than in Japan. what is it Wahaha.


It doesn’t matter, but everyone loves mobile phone enthusiasts, Huaqiangbei, the largest electrical appliance center in China. No, China Mobile is roaming connected.

BTW, Rakuten Mobile’s overseas data roaming seems to often result in “3” for Hong Kong and “China Mobile” for mainland China. Um. Both are big careers.

What’s more, when I looked at the spare iPhone when the Pixel wasn’t getting a signal, it wasn’t getting a signal, and even though the iPhone wasn’t getting a signal, the Pixel 6a was getting a signal. What’s going on, you guys? (This piece is too deep, I don’t understand it… There must be band support.)

In any case, I’m right that the phone has good coverage, and I went to Japan (Mr. Mikitani, please come to Japan as soon as possible) when thinking about things that would be bad for Rakuten Mobile users. -).


The result this time… the amount of data used is 0.8GB, and the remaining 1.2GB. More than half are left.


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