Immerse yourself in Cambodian culture in Siem Reap while staying at the king’s former royal guesthouse


Experience the hospitality of the locals

Looking back on my trip, what strikes me the most is the warmth of the locals. As a city highly dependent on tourism, Siem Reap has weathered the pandemic, and now, the people here are happy to welcome tourists back. This is something I’ve noticed when visiting local markets where the owners are chatty, smiling and always ready to help without being pushy.

It also stands out in my interactions with Chay. As a tour guide, he was greatly affected by the epidemic. Still, he is optimistic that the tourist crowd will return to Siem Reap. “Don’t lose hope,” he told me.

In fact, a few weeks after my trip, Amansara’s Rutherford shared by phone that he was seeing an uptick in resort bookings, driven by private jet travelers from the US and South America. He expects travel in Siem Reap to fully recover by the fourth quarter of 2022.

Still, for those who start traveling now, they are in for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As Rutherford speculated: “You can no longer go to Angkor Wat and say you’re the only person there for hours.”

“There’s a lot of positive energy here,” Rutherford added. “There’s a welcoming and warm feel here that will put Siem Reap in a good position.”

CNA Luxury came to Siem Reap, Cambodia at the invitation of Amansara.


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