‘I’m a travel agent – these are the top hotspots to escape the cold weather in the UK’

With cold fronts, snow and drizzle continuing to hit the UK, it’s no wonder we’re all craving sunshine. In fact, more than half of Britons* are planning a late spring holiday, with March, April and May reported to be the most popular times to travel.

If the current cold weather has got you down and you’re in desperate need of some travel inspiration, director and travel agent, Gavin Lapidus from eshores has identified the best places to head straight to your destination.

From affordable weekend getaways to far-flung eats, here are his five best spots, each with balmy temperatures to enjoy and a must-see hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Bon Voyage!

Affordable Holidays – Évora, Portugal

Find culture and beauty in Portugal’s Alentejo region (Image: Getty Images)

Average temperature in spring: maximum 18°C, minimum 9°C

If you’re looking for an affordable spring break, Portugal has it all. You can find affordable lodging, dining and transportation options across the country, and the weather is generally mild right now. There’s also a range of unique attractions to explore, from historic cities to beautiful beaches.

The hidden gem (beauty that is hard to find:

Évora, a small town in the Alentejo region just over an hour from Lisbon, is bursting with culture and a relaxing, unique place to visit. It has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status, thanks in part to the well-preserved 1st century AD Roman temple. The Capela dos Ossos, or Church of the Ossuaries, can also be found in town – an unusual Gothic destination featuring a church decorated with human bones, a chilling yet fascinating place.

• EasyJet flights from £128 (based on travel from Luton to Lisbon on 27 March)

A Historic Adventure – Petra, Jordan

Temperatures in Jordan can reach as high as 26°C in spring(Image: Getty Images)

Average temperature in spring: maximum 26°C, minimum 11°C

For sunshine, relaxation and rich history, the Middle East tops the list. The weather is not too hot, but pleasant weather is guaranteed. If you’re considering a spring vacation, Jordan is a beautiful country with so much to see, experience and explore. From the ancient city of Petra to the desert of Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea, you will be surrounded by amazing history and culture.

The hidden gem (beauty that is hard to find:

If you’re looking for places off the beaten track in Jordan, head to the Dana Biosphere Reserve in the south of the country. This vast nature reserve has a diverse natural landscape of mountains, deserts and canyons – among these beautiful surroundings you can find the ancient village of Dana. Dating back to the 15th century, this well-preserved village offers a glimpse into extraordinary Jordanian life. Go hiking, take a trip to the village, and end the day with stargazing – the absence of light pollution makes it the perfect place to appreciate the night sky.

• BA flights from £491 (based on travel from London Heathrow to Amman on 27 March)

Catching the Sun – Phuket, Thailand

Thailand has crystal clear waters and sandy beaches(Image: Getty Images)

Average temperature in spring: maximum 34°C, minimum 26°C

Many people who want to travel in spring are after one important thing – sunshine. This makes Thailand, and especially Phuket, a must-see. Spring avoids the monsoon season. In this popular beach destination, you can explore the crystal-clear waters and relax on sandy beaches with temperatures as high as 34°C.

The hidden gem (beauty that is hard to find)

For those visitors to Phuket who want to explore new things, the Old Town is a must-see. The architecture of the Old Town dates back to the 20th century and features colorful designs, intricate architecture and ornate details. If you’re in the area on the weekends, the Sunday Walking Market is held every Sunday afternoon and is definitely worth a visit. Here, you’ll find a vibrant array of stalls and vendors selling street food, handmade gifts, souvenirs and other delights.

• Bangkok Airways flights from £1,508 (based on travel from London Heathrow to Phuket on 27 March)

Perfect for a Family Vacation – Paris, France

Paris is an excellent choice for a family holiday(Image: Getty Images)

Average temperature in spring: 17°C high, 8°C low

For those looking for family-friendly places to visit, France tops the list. Paris, in particular, offers a range of attractions for the whole family. Explore the museums, take a stroll in one of the beautiful parks, or spend the day visiting the city’s historic landmarks. Of course, Disneyland Paris is also easily accessible and sure to be popular with children and adults of all ages.

The hidden gem (beauty that is hard to find:

If you are visiting Paris and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, head to the Temple de la Sibylle. You’ll find the temple on a rocky island in the center of the inner lake of the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, a large park with activities for the whole family. From here, you’ll enjoy a wonderful view of the park that stretches all the way to the Parisian skyline. Elsewhere in the park, you’ll find walking trails, playgrounds, and a train ride that you can enjoy with the kids.

• EasyJet flights from £92 (based on travel from London Gatwick to Paris Charles de Gaulle on 27 March)

For City Hopping – USA

Spring in Washington, D.C. is amazing (Image: Getty Images)

Average spring temperature (Washington, DC): 19°C high, 7°C low

The United States is a great option for those who want to see more of a country during their vacation. This vast country offers a variety of destinations worth exploring, making a multi-city trip here ideal. For the family, you can explore Orlando’s theme parks, go hiking in famous national parks including Yellowstone or Yosemite, or explore the historic sites and museums in cities like Washington, D.C. or Boston. Washington, D.C. is especially charming in spring. The city is famous for its cherry blossoms, and the National Cherry Blossom Festival is held annually from late March to early April.

The hidden gem (beauty that is hard to find:

Just 15 miles northwest of Washington, D.C., Great Falls Park is a stunning natural area on the Potomac River that features a series of waterfalls. Whether you’re considering hiking, climbing, kayaking or fishing, you’ll have options when it comes to exploring trails and lookouts. Great Falls Park has a variety of flora and is a great place for wildlife viewing; bald eagles, ospreys and great blue herons can all be found here.

• Aer Lingus flights from £617 (based on travel from London Gatwick to Washington Dulles International Airport on 27 March

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*Research from Tripadvisor. Based on average April temperatures.

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