I want to continue “d design travel” vol.32 Kanagawa (d design travel editor-in-chief Hideto Kanto, published on November 11, 2022)

“d design travel” positions crowdfunding as an important pillar of production funds, and runs through 47 cities as a community of friends.We are looking for people who need a travel magazine as a supporter.yes.

The sixth theme is Volume 32 “Kanagawa Prefecture”.

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Create a continuation part 6

Editor-in-Chief Hideto Kanto

D&Department Co., Ltd.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has supported the making of “d design travel” so far, and those who are new to the project for visiting this project page. Thanks to everyone involved, we’ve been able to go ahead and make 5 so far.


And this time, I will challenge the sixth crowdfunding.

We’ll be working towards completing the remaining 15 prefectures in the set. So I need to believe in “what it means to keep making this book” and support my “friends” who can spread the “spirit of longevity design” to those around me.

The goal this time is 5 million yen (again, it’s a gamble, if you don’t reach it, you’ll get a full refund).

thisThe “challenge” is to build a “d design travel” community and continue to travel to all 47 prefectures with everyone.This is also a manifestation of intention.

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Things are still going on. “culture“.

This book is not only a travel guide from a design perspective, but also a travel diary type book that emphasizes the most important “locality” = “Japaneseness” that Japan must leave behind. “culture magazine“I always thought I wanted to be.

“d Design Travel”Reasons to try crowdfunding

The production funding of “D Design Travel” isThree pillars: actual sales, corporate sponsorship, government subsidiesI covered it. Today, however, even popular magazines have ceased publication one after another due to the downturn in the publishing industry, and travel magazines are also facing the same predicament.

so,For those who need travel magazines and faithfully continue to make themcrowdfunding is considered a new attempt.

Crowdfunding is more than just a way to raise moneySomething like a “square” that creates a community by involving like-minded and problematic friendsI think so.

The theme this time is “Kanagawa Prefecture”.

The theme of “d design travel” this time is the 32nd prefecture “Kanagawa Prefecture”.

D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT was established in Tokyo in 2000.A community store and network that discovers the region’s long-lived designs and communicates the region’s uniquenessyes. So far, we have conducted business in various prefectures such as Osaka, Hokkaido, Kagoshima, Fukuoka, and Kyoto, but looking back, most of them are in big cities. Even in a city this big, we’ve come to realize that there are beautiful designs that we don’t know about, that even locals don’t notice, and that are easily forgotten.

The ‘d design travel’ collection continues to discover and launch campaigns that continue to cherish and communicate what is important to be native but stay on the land.

And this time, it is the 32nd and last county in the Kanto region, “Kanagawa Prefecture”. Although it is next to Tokyo, there are quite a few “No. 1 in Japan”. It seems that they have a high sense of pride, but where do the people in Kanagawa come from? Hearing this, I feel that people in the prefecture are full of love for their hometown, pointing to areas such as Yokohama, Kamakura, Shonan, Odawara, and Hakone. The only trip to Kanto surrounded by sea, mountains and big cities is about to begin! !

In March 2022, this project “Kanagawa” will also be completed, and we believe that this community will continue into the future of Japan. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement.

■Target amount

Of the total required funds of 17.7 million yen below, we will aim to raise 5 million yen first.

Printing fee 4 million yen / Research and interview travel fee 2.5 million yen / Manuscript fee 1.5 million yen / Design and data production fee 1 million yen / Outsourced photography fee 500,000 yen / Proofreading fee 1 million yen / English translation Fee 1 million yen / Planning, editing and production management fee 3,000,000 yen / Local WS holding fee 700,000 yen * Additional event fees

* In addition, a READYFOR fee (9% of the final achievement amount) and a settlement fee (5% of the final achievement amount) will be charged.

What is “d design travel”?

“d design travel” (commonly known as “travel magazine”) is a series of travel guides with a unique design perspective launched by D&DEPARTMENT (founder: Kenmei Nagaoka) in 2009.

As of October 2022, we have published 31 prefectures, and our concept is to compile a volume for each of the 47 prefectures.

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The editing of each issue begins with workshops with local residents. I started with the excavation of tourism resources, and traveled “like being there” for about two months. From the perspective of “longevity design”, I only introduced things that really impressed me.

■ Editor of “d Design Travel”: 4-month routine

【January 1】After deciding on the next issue, we requested the cooperation of the government and collected candidate publication sites through current relevant personnel.

(Months 1-2) Conduct workshops. Afterwards, I conducted on-the-spot investigations, selected publication locations, conducted interviews and wrote. At the same time, we also seek sponsorship from local companies.

[Third month]Return to Tokyo and work on editorial design.

【Early April】Submission. During the printing period, I went back to the site to prepare the exhibition.

[Second half of April]Complete the book (pre-sale). Events such as parties and rakugo performances are also held.

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Previously posted: Hokkaido, Kagoshima, Osaka, Nagano, Shizuoka, Tochigi, Yamanashi, Tokyo, Yamaguchi, Okinawa, Toyama, Saga, Fukuoka, Yamagata, Oita, Kyoto, Shiga, Gifu, Aichi, Nara, Saitama, Gunma, Chiba , Iwate, Kochi, Kagawa, Ehime, Okayama, Ibaraki, Fukushima, Mie (31 prefectures in total)

In addition, fresh creative information in the region is not only introduced in the magazine.

“d47 MUSEUM” in Shibuya Hikarie has special exhibitions where you can rent and exhibit real items, and sell related products. At “d47 buffet restaurant”, seasonal seasonal dishes are served as local set meals (such as Kanagawa set meals) starting from the connection of the interview.

We hold publication commemorative parties in Tokyo and locally, creating opportunities to interact with the people we cover, and collaborate with rakugo storyteller Karo Roku Yanagiya to create new rakugo stories based on regional themes.

In addition, D&DEPARTMENT stores throughout Japan also serve as tourist information centers, functioning as starting points for designing travel, such as providing local information and planning original tours.

‘d design travel’ is also a cultural project to revitalize japan while engaging people in multiple ways, starting with a book.

(d47 design travel store has been moved to d47MUSEUM.)

News from Kanagawa

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Mine Shingo

Atashi Co., Ltd. Representative/Editor, Producer

See Kanagawa through design. I’m curious about this. Kanagawa is a small prefecture but has a high population density. Although it has an urban image, there are many people living in harmony with nature in a humane way. Cities and places are mixed, and I design my life back and forth between the two. Precisely because of the overwhelming natural and local resources that are incomprehensible, I am excited about the attempt to unravel cities through design. Miura City, where I live, is the southernmost port city on the Miura Peninsula. Where ships come and go, you can see Oshima and the Boso Peninsula, and you can reach Shinagawa in an hour by tram. I hope that the Kanagawa period of “d Design Travel” will make many people realize that “this is Kanagawa too”.

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Daxia Huacheng

Deputy Representative of Classic Ke

I heard that the Kanagawa issue of “d design travel” is finally planned. It has been 25 years since I moved to Ishikawa from my hometown of Odawara, and my parents were both born in Oiso. I remember waving flags and cheering on Route 1 near my grandparents’ house every New Year’s Hakone Ekiden. Looking away from home, I can’t help feeling that today’s Kanagawa is full of charm and diversity in terms of land, culture, and craftsmen. Enoshima in southern Shonan, the streets of Odawara with its castle, the forests of Hakone and Sengokuhara full of pampas grass, and the exotic port city of Yokohama. Of course, I am looking forward to the fields I am familiar with, but I am also looking forward to “Things around me” edited by Mr. D and food culture. I will support you from the bottom of my heart.

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Kawaguchi Toshi

Representative of Manazuru Press

As a local reporter, one of my dreams is to “edit one state at a time.” But the height of the mountain scares me and I can’t climb it normally. When I go to report everywhere, I often find “d design travel” on the bookshelf, and the destination has already been reported. For me, ‘d design travel’ always gives me a solid perspective on the county and is something I should read before interviewing. .Looking forward to how “d design travel” captures Kanagawa Prefecture, which has both big cities and rural areas!

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Kotaro Sonobe

Sonobe Sangyo Co., Ltd. Product Designer

“D Design Travel” fun. I’m sure this is normal for people who live there/new to people out there. Dig its stuff. “It’s dark under the lighthouse”, the part that’s hard to see since I live in that area. It doesn’t focus on fashion or the superficial, but looks at the depths of the land and life, making us aware of the joys of that region. There are mountains, seas, and rivers. The towns where people live, the factories where people work, the abundance of ingredients, the restaurants, we’re making. Kanagawa is full of things, things, and people, like a brightly lit neon city. In that brilliance, it’s hard to see Kanagawa’s personality and essence. We look forward to meeting many people, supporting and looking forward.

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Nako Ito

lifestyle adventurer

Kanagawa, where I lived from the age of 9 to 19, and where I still live. When I was in high school, I used to go to Enoden. As an adult, I have lived in Tokyo, Kumamoto, Hokkaido, Aichi and other places, and have always had my own rules and developed my own place. However, Kanagawa unexpectedly did not excavate, because it was dark under the lighthouse. I hope that the in-depth discussion of Kanagawa from the perspective of d design travel can become a hint for me to enjoy Kanagawa more. enjoy!

Main reward introduction

■(Supporters only) “Kanagawa Prefecture) original post

This original sticker is a must-have not only for Kanagawa residents, but also for those who like “d design travel”. This will be a special design that can only be made as it is not for sale.

* The photo is a sticker of Toyama No. 2.

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d Design Travel Crowdfunding Limited Luggage Tags
Crowdfunded custom luggage tags exclusive to each D&DEPARTMENT store.This time, we specially prepared a limited number of. I also want to bookmark the editorial department!

*The original label (three colors) of the ddesign travel editorial department can be purchased at d47.

※The photograph is an image.

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■【Limited Quantity】Crowdfunding limited to the latest release poster of D Design Travel
The new release poster we made to show in the store was flooded with requests from customers saying, “I want them!” So, I decided to reprint it. ASAP, as quantities are limited.

*B2 size.
*Amount is not included.
*Photo courtesy of “Toyama No. 2”.
* We will mail the book and 2 rolls without folding.

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【Supporters Only】(The number of copies is limited!]Editor-in-chief slightly more graffiti MAP (Kanagawa Ver)
The editor-in-chief Hideto Kanto extracted too much information? Mental doodle map. We plan to publish secret information that we wish to keep private, such as favorite cafes, izakayas, and local toys that will not be published in this book. The graffiti MAP is only printed once and the number of prints is limited.

*The photo is a graffiti map of Toyama No. 2.

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■Editor’s Choice!Kanagawa Souvenirs

We will pack and ship the recommended souvenirs found in the “Kanagawa Prefecture” interview. Stay tuned for what’s to come.

*The photo is a souvenir of my encounter at Mie.

*The law prohibits the consumption of alcohol under the age of 20. This return can only be supported by those over the age of 20.

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■ Banner advertisements (large/small) on special pages for “Kanagawa Go” supporters

Banner ads will be posted on a special page prepared for “Kanagawa”. We are waiting for free applications such as companies, brands, products, restaurants, individuals(?)!

Large Size → Width: 64.5mm Height: 40.25mm

Small Size → Width: 64.5mm Height: 14mm

*In addition, we accept inquiries for single-page advertisements in this magazine only for companies and sole proprietors in Kanagawa Prefecture.

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* For the return conditions related to[name posting]in the return of this item, please refer to the “naming rights, message posting, etc. return” item in the READYFOR Terms of Service for details.

*The contents of the “souvenir package” will be selected and delivered within the scope of the following license and approval owned by D&Department Co., Ltd. : Liquor retail license, restaurant business license, food sanitation manager business license, antique dealer

*In case the release schedule is delayed due to the delay of the interview schedule due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we will notify you with the latest information. Please note that even in this case we cannot refund your support fee.

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