Hugh Jackman says Australia will eventually be a republic ‘a natural part of evolution’ | English Film News

Hollywood star Hugh Jackman has shared a prediction about his native Australia, saying it will break away from the British crown and become a republic, sources have reported.
Jackman, whose parents are British, told the BBC this weekend that such a move would be “inevitable” and “a natural part of evolution,” according to sources.

The X-Men actor further told sources that he remembers celebrating royal events as a child, such as Prince Charles’ wedding to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.
“We drank champagne … We didn’t have bunting at home, but if my dad could have found it, he would have found it,” he said.

Jackman went on to say he had “no ill will” towards any member of the British royal family, adding that he had met the late Queen Elizabeth and her son, now King Charles, on several occasions.

Speaking of them, he said, “I saw and felt a real desire to serve the public,” according to the source.

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