(How to Walk the Earth) The second issue of the free magazine “JAPAN LUXE SHOPPING Tokyo Luxury Shopping” for foreigners visiting Japan will be published in September | Gakken Holdings Co., Ltd. Press Release

One of the flagship works of the “Light of the Earth Good Luck Journey” series of media for foreign tourists visiting Japan. We will introduce the latest fashion trends in Tokyo, targeting affluent tourists from Europe, America and East Asia. The free magazine will be published in English and Simplified Chinese, and the Haoyun website version will be published in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese to provide information for foreign tourists visiting Japan.

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The first edition, published in April, featured luxury shopping in Tokyo for travelers revisiting Japan after a long absence. The second issue, scheduled to be published in September, will provide a variety of Tokyo tourist information, including not only shopping but also gourmet food and demonstration courses, under the theme of “Finding Good Things, Tokyo High-Quality Tour”. Let me introduce you. The special theme is “Traveling to Tokyo for Watches and Jewelry”.

▼ Website “Light of the Earth GOOD LUCK TRIP JAPAN”

“GOOD LUCK TRIP” is a travel site that attracts people from all over the world who are interested in visiting Japan. Among them, many repeat customers of traditional characters (Taiwan, Hong Kong) are using them. In this project, customers in Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese regions can be reached by linking to free magazines (English/Simplified Chinese) and disseminating them on the website.
In addition, on this SEO-advantaged site, popular articles related to shopping in Tokyo rank highly in searches, attracting users who are interested in this particular feature.

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▼Easy-to-use “Ginza/Aoyama/Omotesando/Shinjuku Area Map”
Maps of Ginza, Aoyama/Omotesando, and Shinjuku are included at the end of the free magazine. We’ve prepared an easy-to-read map that you can use to walk around the city and give you a quick overview of the stores listed in the magazine. The posted areas also have street distribution planned and are therefore also points that you can use immediately on site.

▼ Where can I read it?
Free magazines are available at major tourist information centers, hotels, commercial facilities and street distribution points in Tokyo. The website version of “Good Luck Travel” can be used anytime and anywhere, whether it is a traveler or a traveler.

▼ Click here for details of “JAPAN LUXE SHOPPING Tokyo Luxury Collection”


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[Media Outline]
“Light of the Earth Good Luck Trip to Japan” Series
“JAPAN LUXE SHOPPING Tokyo luxury shopping” free magazine
Scheduled release date: September 29, 2023
Scheduled release cycle: Twice a year (April, September)
Format: B5 size, saddle stitch, full color
Language: Simplified Chinese and English
Price: free
Distribution places: tourist information centers for foreigners, hotels, commercial facilities, transportation facilities, etc.
Scheduled number of releases: 50,000 copies
Publisher: Light of the Earth Co., Ltd.
General Advertising Agency: Bullseye Communications Co., Ltd.

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