How to Get a Singapore Arrival Card to Travel Safely in Singapore

( Take a quick look at a friend’s Instagram stories and at least 3 different people fly to Singapore.Neighbors are now open Filipino tourists fully vaccinated has the fewest restrictions, provided you have Singapore Arrival Card and activate track app together. If you can’t wait to go, here’s how to get those files and what else you need to know.

Fully vaccinated travelers to Singapore are no longer required to undergo pre-departure testing, but partially vaccinated or unvaccinated travelers must submit a negative RT-PCR test result prior to flight and undergo quarantine or 7-day home notification (SHN).

Singapore Arrival Card + Agreement

Unvaccinated individuals can enter Singapore from 29 August No quarantine required.

“Travelers who entered Singapore before 29 August 2022 will end their home quarantine upon completion of the 7-day home quarantine period or upon receipt of a negative PCR test result, whichever is later. All SHN-related Instructions and requirements can be found in the stay-at-home notice sent to your email,” the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority said.

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The Singapore Arrival Card must be completed and submitted three days before arrival in Singapore. Your departure date is also counted, so if you depart on November 3rd, you can only submit forms from November 1st.

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Where to Register for Singapore Arrival Card

Forms can be completed online through the IAC website or app.

Those traveling in groups can choose to complete an individual form or submit a group application. For group submissions, a group leader needs to be designated.

The number of passengers submitted by the group

This form accepts up to 10 people exist set of commits, including the leader. Leader profiles can add up to nine accounts before submission.

Details Required for Singapore Arrival Card

Passport number, date of departure and arrival, port of arrival and departure, flight number, place of accommodation and other information are required. Make a note of the date of birth, passport expiry date and full name as it appears on the passport.

At this point you will need to enter your vaccination status. Singapore is currently accepting travelers who have received its first vaccines, which means at least two doses for all brands except Johnson & Johnson, which only requires one. A booster shot is recommended, but those who are not eligible for the third shot will still be able to travel.

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Vaccination Status

Singapore accepts VaxCertPH as proof of vaccination. After filling in the details, you will be asked to upload a copy of your certificate. The website accepts PDF documents and the app accepts photo files.


After filling the fields, submit the form. If you make an individual submission, you will receive a barcode and a summary of the details submitted. You will also receive confirmation via email.

For group submissions, group leaders will receive multiple barcodes covering all members of their group. This will be available on the website or app and sent to your email. Individuals in the group will only receive their code and summary via email.


All Singapore arrivals are required to complete the online form and present the QR code upon arrival. Those who fail to do so will be asked to step aside and fill out forms before proceeding to immigration. Passengers who complete the form before landing can go directly to the immigration office.

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track together

Singapore no longer requires entry testing and quarantine, but travelers must download the country’s contact tracing app TraceTogether for monitoring.

The app is free to download for iOS and Android and accepts international mobile numbers. After downloading, you will receive an OTP and will be asked to fill in relevant information about your accommodation, passport information and vaccination status.

When to activate TraceTogether

Activate the app only after you arrive in Singapore and pass immigration. Once set, it will reflect your vaccination status.

Local authorities may ask you to show a TraceTogether QR code, which you can generate on the app via the button in the lower left corner of the screen.

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