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Travel Weekly We fell in love with Bhutan the moment we stepped off the plane, even before stepping foot in Gangtey Lodge. We didn’t think it could get any better – until it did.

First impressions: 10/10

When we first approached Gangtey Lodge, we saw what looked like a large local farmhouse. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but we weren’t ready for the “wow” factor when the entry door opened.

The staff greeted us with Bhutanese songs and were very warm and heartfelt. Our check-in process was a pleasant experience, served with warm cider with cloves and cinnamon, instantly soothing after a long drive.

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Location and accommodation: 10/10

Gangtey Lodge offers all the possible comforts you would expect in a fine country home. Its remote location in the center of Bhutan allows you to immerse yourself in everyday Bhutanese life, which in turn brings positive benefits to the local community. Most food, staff and supplies (where possible) are sourced locally.

All 12 farmhouse suites have panoramic views of the valley below and the Gangtey Goenpa or Monastery, just 10 minutes’ walk away. Heated hand-cut stone floors, deep baths overlooking the valley and wood-burning stoves, or ‘Bhukaris’, create a sense of luxury and comfort.

The main lodge captures the dynamism of Bhutanese artwork and monastery design. Local artists and masons create murals and carvings that reflect the imagery and scenery of the valley. Comfortable leather sofas surround two massive stone fireplaces, and plush hand-woven rugs create the perfect ambience for a relaxing day or night.


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Room: 10/10

Our farmhouse room/suite was large and spacious with a free standing deep tub with the best view in the room, heated floors, a fireplace, a long L shaped sofa perfect for reading and relaxing, a separate dressing room/bathroom basin, There is also a separate shower and toilet. Choose from king or twin beds with natural linens and choose a comforter depending on your needs for warmth or weight.

The rooms also offer free Wi-Fi and laundry services, including hiking boots cleaned after daily walks. There is also a hot water bottle on your bed at night.

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Photo credit: kenspence@gangteylodge

Dining: 10/10

The food was absolutely fantastic, with a choice of local, asian or western, we had a Bhutanese/Indian style feast specially prepared for us last night in a private room. Our gluten free requirements were accommodated, making sure we didn’t miss out on freshly baked bread and pastries.

The food here is some of the best we have experienced in Bhutan and the daily chats with the friendly and funny Executive Chef Soh are a highlight. After the hike, she organized us to have a picnic on the top of the mountain. We were met by a table and lovely staff who provided us with the most delicious meal.

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Photo credit: kenspence@gangteylodge

Verdict 10/10

This remarkable 5 star hotel was one of the highlights of our time in Bhutan. It deserves any award and the ones to come. If you are going to Bhutan, you cannot and must not miss the Gangtey Lodge experience. It stands alone.

Gangtey Lodge Bhutan is part of Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

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