Hotel Icon introduces robot check-in/check-out

Hotel ICON in Hong Kong has teamed up with local start-up BluePin to launch robots that can provide guests with seamless check-in and check-out services.

The robots are expected to reduce wait times and reduce stress on staff, allowing the latter to focus on personalized service.

Check in Robot 640
Hotel Icon launches bot that generates key cards and pays in one go

At check-in, the robot can generate a key card and make payment in one go within minutes.

Ian Lee, Acting General Manager of Hotel Icon, said: “Hotel Icon’s robots are designed to increase efficiency, not to promote an over-reliance on technology. For example, while our guests still prefer to be greeted in person, an efficient check-in/check-out process remains An important aspect of the guest experience.”

BluePin is supported by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) and its Tech Launchpad Fund. PolyU also provides BluePin with entrepreneurial training, including guidance on financial management, marketing, and patent applications.

Hotel Icon is also part of PolyU and an extension of its School of Hotel and Tourism Management (SHTM), providing students with a dynamic and interactive training ground in a five-star hotel environment.

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