Hong Kong tourism reopens

Hong Kong’s tourism industry has been anxious. As of Wednesday, the Chinese city was once again open to foreign tourists.

The City of Light, Asia’s financial center also known as Hong Kong, a special administrative region of China is now preparing to welcome business and leisure travelers again, free from strict restrictions.

From Wednesday 14 December there will be significant changes to entry rules.

Masks are still required except for exercise. Some restaurants may still limit their locations to require proof of vaccination, but starting Wednesday, international travelers will no longer be subject to COVID-19 entry and movement restrictions.

The COVID mobile app will also no longer be mandatory.

Travelers to Hong Kong must be quarantined in hotel rooms and cannot eat in restaurants, not even in hotel restaurants.this will be history on wednesday

All people, including residents, from overseas will be allowed to enter all areas as long as they test negative for COVID-19 upon arrival, Hong Kong Chief Executive Lee Kar-chau said in a televised announcement on Tuesday.

“They still need to show a photo or a paper record of their COVID-19 vaccine at certain venues where it is required, but people arriving in the area will not be restricted in moving around,” Health Minister Lo Chung Moh told reporters.

Gyms, clubs and salons will open

Residents and tourists have slammed Hong Kong’s COVID-19 rules, saying they threaten the city’s competitiveness and status as an international financial centre.

Hong Kong has been closely following China’s zero-COVID policy since 2020, but gradually eased restrictions starting in August.

Health Minister Lu also explained that infected people who are quarantined at home will no longer need to wear electronic tags to restrict their access to residences.

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