Hong Kong to issue more than 500,000 air tickets to boost tourism



Hong Kong is offering free air tickets, shopping vouchers and special events in an effort to lure travelers back after lifting COVID-19 travel restrictions.

On Thursday, Hong Kong leader Lee Kar-chao roll out Preparing over US$2 billion “Ni Hao Hong Kong” tourism promotion plan two years.

Starting from March 1st, airlines based in hong kong Cathay Pacific, HK Express and Hong Kong Airlines will distribute 500,000 free tickets for six months, said Lam Tin-fook, chief executive of the Airport Authority Hong Kong.

These tickets were purchased in 2020 as relief plan Supporting airlines during the pandemic has cost Hong Kong 2 billion Hong Kong dollars (about 255 million U.S. dollars).

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During this period Launching CeremonyLee called the move “probably the biggest welcome the world has ever seen”.

Southeast Asian residents will be the first qualified A “Winner’s World” giveaway event in March, followed by a mainland China event in April.

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Northeast Asia, including South Korea and Japan, and the rest of the world will qualify in May.

Tickets will be distributed through sweepstakes, games, competitions and buy one get one free. However, winners of free economy class air tickets will be required to pay any additional fees and taxes.

An additional 80,000 tickets will be issued to Hong Kong residents and an additional 80,000 tickets to residents of the Greater Bay Area in the summer.

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In addition to giving away tickets and coupons, the city plans to host more than 250 events and festivals throughout the year. Border checkpoints are also handing out food, drink, transport, hotel, retail and attraction discounts in the form of coupons.

although Details As the giveaway has not yet been released, signing up for the Cathay Pacific Loyalty Program will allow participants to receive reminders to enter the giveaway.

Hong Kong Airlines plans to announce the giveaway details on March 1.

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The airline’s free ticket will include checked baggage.

On February 6, mainland China will fully reopen its borders to Hong Kong and Macau, lifting all travel restrictions.

“The full opening of the border means first of all that the number of people at all crossing ports is unlimited, and there is no need to make an appointment in advance, and they can travel freely,” Li said at a press conference.

Second, removing the requirement for pre-entry COVID-19 testing so that COVID and other testing is no longer required and (people) can come and go freely. Third, open all ports of entry and exit.

While masks are still required, Lee mentioned that the rule may be lifted after winter.


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