Hong Kong / “Novel Coronavirus” Latest News | Travel Industry Latest News Travel Vision

Hong Kong / “Novel Coronavirus” Latest News | Travel Industry Latest News Travel Vision

Here is the latest notice on the impact of the “new coronavirus” in Hong Kong as follows.

■ Latest information
The Hong Kong government announced that starting from March 01, 2023 (Wednesday), all regulations on wearing masks will be abolished.
this will
・Use public transportation
・At the MTR fare zone
・Indoor and outdoor designated public places
Masks are no longer required
However, in order to protect high-risk groups, when entering specific areas such as medical institutions, residential care homes for the elderly, and homes for the disabled, they must abide by the administrative regulations on wearing masks.
Masks are also recommended for those with respiratory illnesses, immunocompromised persons and chronic illnesses in poorly ventilated areas.

■ Immigration restrictions
1) All passengers entering Hong Kong from abroad or Taiwan (except those under the age of 3) must:
A rapid antigen test within 24 hours or a nucleic acid test within 48 hours before the scheduled departure time,
You should get a negative result.

2) Entry requirements for entering Hong Kong from Mainland China and Macau
Passengers entering Hong Kong from mainland China and Macau are not required to undergo rapid antigen testing or nucleic acid testing.

■ Support during stay in Japan
◎ Pre-entry inspection
* All passengers entering from mainland China, Macau, Taiwan or foreign countries (aged 3 or above on the day of arrival) must:
Before entering Hong Kong, you must undergo a rapid antigen test or nucleic acid test.
*If a rapid antigen test is to be carried out, persons entering from the airport must provide the scheduled flight departure time and other entry and exit inspections.
Passengers entering through the point must undergo inspection within 24 hours before their scheduled arrival time.
* Nucleic acid testing must be done within 48 hours before the above scheduled time.
* Photos or test reports of rapid antigen detection and nucleic acid detection should be kept for 90 days.
If Hong Kong government officials ask you to show your test results, you must do so.

◎ Travel essentials
Negative results of Rapid Antigen Test (RAT test) within 24 hours before flight departure, or proof of negative PCR test within 48 hours
*Certificate of vaccination is no longer required (from 2/06).

■ Response upon arrival
The rapid antigen test after entry will be canceled from January 30, 2023.

■ Local conditions
◎ Rapid antigen detection (RAT detection) is recommended
To ensure a safe stay, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government recommends that passengers voluntarily undergo a rapid antigen test (RAT test) for 5 nights and 6 days after arriving in Hong Kong, and confirm a negative result before leaving the country. (unnecessary)

Please note the above.

Materials provided by: Apex International Co., Ltd., Japan Association of Overseas Travel Agents

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