Hoi An allows visitors to truly experience the local culture

Hoi An allows visitors to truly experience the local culture

Tourists walk along old houses in Hoi An in January 2023. Photo: VnExpress/Xuan Phuong

Hoi An Ancient Town has been listed among the top 10 towns that offer tourists a real taste of local culture and history.

Canadian publications travel Of the 10 locations already listed for travelers who enjoy the local warmth and unique culture, the only representative of Vietnam is Hoi An, about 30 kilometers south of Da Nang.

“If you go to Hoi An, you can experience good people, lovely sandy beaches and a unique old town that still showcases many traditional buildings and the old way of doing things,” the magazine said of the city’s designation by the United Nations in 1999. Listed as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.

Hoi An culture is influenced by French and Chinese elements, and one can get to know it through handicrafts such as pottery and reed mats still made in the traditional way, or by tasting local delicacies.

International travelers have also left reviews praising the destination as “a wonderful city full of colour, friendly people and relaxing”. Hoi An’s splendid lanterns are especially amazing for tourists at night.

Some other destinations on the list are Medellin (Colombia), Matera (Italy), Oaxaca (Mexico) and Monteverde (Brazil).

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