HKTB invites members of the Mainland tourism industry

HKTB invites members of the Mainland tourism industry

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) organized the first familiarization tour for mainland travel industry representatives since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, hosting about 120 travel industry members from 38 mainland cities to visit new attractions in Hong Kong to Discuss business opportunities with the Hong Kong tourism industry and bring new opportunities to the Hong Kong tourism industry.

The trip follows the lifting of all social distancing measures and the full resumption of travel in Hong Kong. At the invitation of the Tourism Board, industry members come from 38 inland cities including South China, North China, East China, West China and Central China.

According to the press release, the group has Five days and four nights Hong Kong itinerary, visit M+ in the West Kowloon Cultural District and the Hong Kong Palace Museum, Water World Ocean Park and Hong Kong Disneyland, etc. The Tourism Board’s “Hong Kong Neighborhoods” promotion campaign recommends scenic spots to gain an in-depth understanding of Hong Kong’s authentic local culture.

In addition, the HKTB also arranges for tourists to meet with the local tourism industry to establish contacts with both sides, discuss future cooperation opportunities, and jointly explore new opportunities.

Hong Kong is considered fresher and more attractive to tourists than ever before, with its recently commissioned series of new attractions offering new, eye-opening experiences, a travel agent representative said. New attractions and experiences can definitely be added to their newly developed tourism products, because they provide options to meet the needs of different mainland consumers.

Another travel agency also said that since the resumption of travel between Hong Kong and the Mainland, he has received inquiries from enthusiastic tourists expressing their intention to visit Hong Kong. He also emphasized that since many tourists from outside Guangdong Province list Hong Kong as a must-see destination when planning their itinerary, as Hong Kong continues to add new tourist experiences and multiple destinations, Hong Kong will become more attractive to mainland tourists than ever High all the time. Connections and partnerships with other GBA cities.

Zheng Dannan, President of the HKTB, said: “We hope that those who participated in the study tour can transform their personal experience in Hong Kong into innovative tourism products, and promote Hong Kong’s tourist attraction to tourists in source markets, so as to attract tourists back to Hong Kong. Fast. The HKTB will continue to invite more representatives from major tourist source markets to Hong Kong, and cooperate with the tourism industry and related sectors to promote the rapid recovery of Hong Kong’s tourism industry.”

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“The door of Hong Kong tourism is now fully open to the world. The HKTB has also seized the opportunity to launch a global promotional campaign “Hello Hong Kong”. Tourism industry and media representatives from China, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Australia and India visited and experienced. Go to Hong Kong in person,” Zheng added.

Next, the next familiarization tours will be held in March-April for the UK, Australia and India Trade industry representatives.they will be invited Watch the Hong Kong Sevens, visit M+ and the Hong Kong Palace Museum. Representatives of the Indian tourism industry will also visit Hong Kong to experience new attractions in Hong Kong.

marketing interaction already contacted Hong Kong Tourism Board for more information.

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