HIS Sets up Ramen Vending Machine “Yo-Kai Express” at “Strange Cafe” in Shibuya, Tokyo-Travel Watch

Yokai Express Vending Machines Installed in “Strange Cafe”

On July 13, HIS (HIS) introduced automatic cooking and vending machines developed by Yo-Kai Express to its “Strange Cafe” in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Opened in February 2018, Henn na Cafe is an unmanned café where robots serve drip coffee. After that, we have been using robots to run the store, such as responding to ice menus and starting to serve light meals.

Yo-Kai Express, on the other hand, is a Silicon Valley food tech venture that has developed vending machines that can automatically prepare and serve ramen noodles in as little as 90 seconds. In Japan, it has been installed at 20 locations including Ueno Station, Haneda Airport, Aso Kumamoto Airport, and Metropolitan Expressway parking lots.

The Yokai Express vending machine installed in the strange cafe offers 7 kinds of menus, including 5 new products such as the store-limited “Vietnamese Chicken Pho” (790 yen).


(From front left) Vietnamese Chicken Pho, Kitakata Soy Sauce, Ippudo Spicy Dandan Noodles, (From Back Left) Keika Kumamoto Pork Bone Ramen, Twiwan Beef Noodles

The menu offered by the weird cafe

・(New) Vietnamese Chicken Pho (790 yen)…Only in strange cafes
・(New) Twiwan Beef Noodles (980 yen)…Kanto Preorder
・(New) Keika Kumamoto Tonkotsu Ramen (980 yen)…Kanto preorder
・(New) Ippudo Spicy Dandan Noodles (980 yen)
・(New) Kitakata soy sauce (850 yen)
・Ippudo Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen (980 yen)
・Dashi Udon (790 yen)

HIS operates not only strange cafes but also strange hotels, but director and senior executive Jun Yamanobe said, “The strange series is a brand based on a concept that is constantly evolving and changing.” “I want to open in a cafe A café. A travel agency and offering an experience that goes beyond simply buying travel products,” explains the aim of this odd café.

It is said that half of Henn na Cafe’s customers are Japanese and half are foreigners. “For foreigners, we offer Japanese ramen. Japanese can also enjoy new Pho.” (Mr. Yamano Nabe).

According to the general manager of Yokai Express Japan, Tsuchiya Keiji, the store-limited “Vietnamese Chicken Pho” was jointly developed by Yokai Express and Ajinomoto. “Twiwan Beef Noodles” was developed in collaboration with Ippudo, and “Ippudang Spicy Dandan Noodles” is actually a plant-based vegan menu.

Since it will serve as a travel agency’s window to the world, the two companies will continue to develop menus based on demand, allowing them to experience pasta from around the world before actually going abroad.


Mr. Jun Yamanobe, Director and Senior Executive Officer of HIS (middle), Mr. Keiji Tsuchiya, General Manager of Yo-Kai Express JAPAN (left), Mr. Hitoshi Tonomura of Food Tech Studio – Bites! Right)

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