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us,“-SmiRing”It is a project team of Yokohama Hosei University International High School.

“-SmiRing”method”Smile(Smile)”and”ring(wheel)” is a coined word.

In addition, the “- (hyphen)” is based on the experience of the same school senior group last year, which delivered water filters to Cambodia through crowdfunding, which makes sense.

*This project is the support of international cooperation carried out by the NPO legal person certification corporation Aozora, and it is a part of deepening international cooperation. It is a cooperative project between the NPO legal person certification corporation and Hosei International High School.

All personal information handling including remittance of overseas support funds is handled by certified NPO Aozora.

* We have obtained permission from Thammasat University International High School to use the name and image in this project.

In “-SmiRing”

①-: Successor, passing on experience to the next generation

②Smile: Make Cambodian people and supporters smile

③ Ring: Contains the desire to expand the circle of Cambodian people, supporters, and project members.

▼Toilet construction site

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In 2021, our predecessor, SmiRing, won everyone’s support through crowdfunding and introduced water filters to 150 ordinary families in Sambour, Cambodia, making it possible for local families to use clean water.

We, the next generation “-SmiRing”, are inspired by the activities of the predecessor SmiRing and want to start a new support project in the form of a successor. In mid-August 2022, with the cooperation of the certified NPO Aozora (hereinafter referred to as Aozora), we conducted a field survey of Cambodia through Zoom.

In the past, Aozora has supported the construction of health centers and built handwashing stations, taking into account water sanitation during the corona crisis. In 2021, we launched the water purification filter made by SmiRing to ordinary households.

After conducting fieldwork across the district to understand what was needed and what was lacking, the next problem identified was the toilet problem.

▼ What the field investigation found

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▼Details of the question

lack of toilets

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Currently, the primary school we support only has one toilet for boys and one toilet for boys, so there is always a queue during lunch break.

As a result, some students did defecate helplessly, or leak urine while queuing.

This problem is not only a problem in the primary schools we support, but also in rural areas of Cambodia.

Open defecation because there is no toilet

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From the above data, we can see that the problem of open defecation still exists in Cambodia.

We researched and investigated not only the problems of open defecation itself, but also the dangers posed by the practice.

●Flood in rainy season✖︎Open defecation = bacteria growth

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Due to the vicious cycle described above, open defecation puts children at risk for bacterial growth.

At the same time, it also causes environmental pollution.

▲Possibility of environmental pollution

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So far I have explained the problems associated with open defecation due to lack of toilets.

Secondly, about the menstrual problems of female students due to lack of toilets.

In fact, I interviewed a female elementary school student who received this grant.

Then I found out that I hadn’t been able to change my sanitary napkin for nearly half a day at school during my menstrual period.

▲ Menstrual problems of female students

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We will provide toilet construction support to solve these problems!

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As can be seen from the above materials, the cost of building a toilet in Cambodia is lower than that in Japan, although the performance is different. For the same money, one toilet can be built in Japan, but five toilets can be built in Cambodia.

I believe building toilets in Cambodia will solve some problems.

Next I will go into more detail about the toilet we are going to build in this project.

▼Toilet Details

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Sewage flow (toilet system)

There are 2 male toilets and 3 female toilets, and the first hall (★) is connected to the first hall.

There are 3 drainage ditches, and the sewage is accumulated in the drainage ditches in the hall, leading directly to the men’s and women’s toilets.

After all three drains are filled, the sewageAlong the flow of arrow ① in the figure,It flows into the hole (■) located in the center of the two holes.

When sewage accumulates in the central drain,

Flow along the arrow ②

Sewage flows and accumulates in deep holes (▲).

When the deep hole (▲) is filled,Along the flow of arrow 3,About 10 cm of sewage containing sand and gravelfilter by filterrelease into the soil.


content a17c9aaa61e80a1bf71d0d850af4e5baa9800bbd<待建廁所>

(1) Since there are steps between the toilet and the ground, it can be used for a long time and will not be damaged by frequent water ingress.

(2) The excrement is filtered through the filter, which is beneficial to the environment.

I have explained the details of the toilets planned for this project.

The toilets constructed this time will not only solve the concerns about outdoor defecation caused by issues such as toilet shortage, environmental pollution, and lack of privacy, but will also be designed according to the local climate in Cambodia to meet the needs of local residents in Cambodia. Continuous use.

This time it will cost about 360,000 yen, which is the material cost.

I will set a goal for you!

◆ Target amount: 360,000 yen

◆ Even if the total amount of support does not reach the target amount by the deadline, the project will always be carried out in accordance with the implementation rules, such as paying the target amount.

▼Our thoughts

First of all, thank you for reading this page!

So far, we have been solving Cambodia’s water problems by actually measuring the communication between Cambodian people and members through zoom and conducting in-depth research based on various materials.

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When we conducted a field survey in a primary school, we found that most of the students felt inconvenient about not having toilets and were dissatisfied with being forced to defecate in the open. Faced with this situation, we were heartbroken and thought about what we could do, It was decided to investigate the situation further.

As a result, not only problems such as open defecation and oral infection caused by the lack of toilets, but also problems such as women’s privacy not being protected and inability to deal with menstruation.

Judging from things like this,Prevent open defecation and protect women’s privacyIt was decided to build a toilet.

This time, with the cooperation of Qing Kong and other people, we were able to accept the challenge of this project, and I feel very honored to be able to help everyone!

We will continue to do our best to spread the smiles of the Cambodian people! !

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Would you like to join us in delivering clean toilets to remote areas of Cambodia?

“Leave No One Behind”This word also appears in sdgs.

Your support will be the first step in creating an equal living environment for people all over the world!

thank you for your support! ! !

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The relationship between the toilet mechanism and the environment

*1 Regarding the mechanism of bacteria around water


*2 Open defecation and oral infection data

*3 Open defecation rate in Cambodia Open defecation rate in Cambodia: JENKINS ARIMA BOX-JENKINS ARIMA APPROACHDr. Smartson. P. NYONI1, Thabani NYONI2 KINS-ARIMA-APPROACH.pdf

*4 Access to sanitary toilets around the world

*5 Norms and practices related to menstruation in rural Cambodia in contemporary Cambodia: Focus on changes in women’s life course Akiu Sayaka Meiji University

*6 Cambodia toilet system

*7 Cost of installing more toilets in Japan

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Company NameKra Baw Primary School Toilet Construction

business locationカンボジア Kingdom Banteay Meanchey State Preah netr Preah Group Phnom Leab District Kra baw Village

Construction is expected to be completedJune 2023

Number of beneficiariesKra Baw Primary School 287

business expensesApprox. 703,000 yen

(Construction Schedule)

April-June 2023: Toilet construction

We will be working with Cambodian NPO ClearCambodia to build toilets.

* We have permission from Kra Baw Primary School to donate and list names.

(necessary fee)*8

material fee352,000 yen

Salary (personnel cost)120,000 yen

management fee53,000 yen

local activity fee73,000 yen

transportation expenses105,000 yen

all703,000 yen

●About Clear Cambodia

Clear Cambodia is a non-profit organization that provides handwashing stations and household water filters, and conducts hygiene education to promote health in rural Cambodia. The installation of handwashing stations at Samburu Primary School will be carried out in collaboration with Clear Cambodia.

* We have received permission to use the name and logo of Clear Bulgaria. a17c9aaa61e80a1bf71d0d850af4e5baa9800bbd

Completion requirements for this project

Start time: April 2023

Construction complete: June 2023

Construction purposes: (1) Primary school students can use sanitary toilets.

(2) Increase the number of toilets to make them comfortable to use.

◆ Tax incentives

On November 11, 2020, it was recognized as a certified NPO legal person by Kyoto City. Therefore, if you donate to a certified NPO Aozora, you can enjoy tax benefits such as donation deduction by filing your final tax return. Donation receipts are required to qualify for these tax benefits.

◆ Specific donation tax incentives

If you donate through the program, you can receive the following tax benefits.

・Individuals: Those who donate more than 2,000 yen, please bring the donation receipt proof for the final tax return. can choose. Some resident taxes may also qualify for preferential treatment.

・Corporate: The limit of “Special Deduction for Donation” is applied, and the deduction can be deducted within the limit. *For details, please refer to the websites of local governments, local tax bureaus, and the National Tax Agency.

◆ Proof of donation receipt

We plan to send individual and corporate donations by the end of January 2024.

About the voucher name and shipping address: We will write the “return/gift shipping destination name” registered in the READYFOR account and ship.

This will be the date the donation is received and the date the donation is deposited from READYFOR to the certified NPO Aozora.

For more information on donating to accredited nonprofits, visit the IRS website or contact your local tax office.

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