Here’s why American tourists are flocking to Vietnam

Here’s why American tourists are flocking to Vietnam

Tourism in Hanoi, Vietnam, increased last year. According to statistics from the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Hanoi received 2.6 million foreign tourists this year.

Vietnam’s historical splendor can be traced back centuries. It is one of the oldest surviving states, with an empire dating back to 2879 BC. It is a wealthy city, home to a group of proud citizens. Here are a few reasons why Hanoi is becoming more and more popular.

old world charm

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Hanoi is full of old world charm. The city of Vietnam is a melting pot of Vietnamese, French and Chinese cultures, a delicious and vibrant fusion. The streets of Hanoi have much to explore for the traveling historian.

Known as “36th Street”, the old town was one of the first neighborhoods built after Vietnam’s independence from China. Today it is a center for artisans and artists. The streets are lined with Vietnamese art, tubular houses and remnants of the past. They meander like a maze through boutiques and cafés, offering visitors a new era in the city’s history.

In addition to the Old Quarter, the French Quarter also pays homage to the influence of French culture on Vietnamese culture. Here visitors can find beautiful French architecture, upscale restaurants and Imperial College, Vietnam’s first university. Ancient structures such as the Temple of Literature and the One Pillar Pagoda stand within the French Quarter, allowing visitors to gain a deeper understanding of Vietnam’s ancient history.

Gastronomy is an important part of Hanoi’s tourism industry. Because of the city’s diverse culinary influences, visitors love being able to taste it all. While social media has made Vietnamese street food popular, seasoned travelers recommend checking out Hanoi’s fine dining spots. A three-course meal in town can run you around $50.

Safe for solo travelers

Travel Off Path named Hanoi one of the top destinations for solo travelers. While the charm of Vietnamese cities is unmatched by other Southeast Asian destinations, Hanoi is also very safe. This makes it a hotspot for people traveling alone.

Google search queries show that searches for traveling alone to Hanoi have increased over the past 12 months. For those looking to explore beyond the tourist attractions, Hanoi is perfect for backpackers and cyclists. The city has backpacker-friendly hostels and a historic backdrop for exploring on foot.

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