Hello, Hong Kong – Hong Kong Chengdu Cultural Tourism Promotion Conference

Hongkong, March 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — open March 9Hong Kong Special Administrative Region China Undertake the “Park City under the Snow Mountain – Happy Chengdu in Fireworks” (hereinafter referred to as Hongkong), It is also co-organized by gochengdu. Chengdu Cultural Tourism Promotion Conference Returns Hongkong After three years of absence, use Hongkong platform for introduction Asia It is a famous historical and cultural city with more than 4,500 years of urban civilization and 2,300 years of urban construction history. also, Chengdu It is a vibrant, open, safe city that welcomes all.

Hello, Hongkong! Chengdu here!

exist March 6it will be a month later Hongkong The mainland resumed full customs clearance.Economic, tourism and business exchange Hongkong It is proceeding in an orderly manner with the Mainland.Number of people in and out in a single month Hongkong Exceeded 10 million.both Hongkong and Chengdu It is an important tourist source market in the world.Chengdu takes measures as global tourism recovers Hongkong As the second stop of global cultural tourism promotion, the story we are eager to tell Chengdu and promote Chengdu Travel to the world Hong Kong people The tourism window fully displays the different “Park City under the Snow Mountain-Happy Chengdu in Fireworks” in 2023.

At the promotion meeting, representatives from Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Asia Tourism Exchange Center, Hong Kong Tourism Board and Hong Kong Travel Industry Council Hongkong, Kowloon Chamber of Commerce, National Association Hongkong Cooperate with more than 20 travel agencies such as Macau Research and Asia Travel TV Hongkong Attend with media reporters Hongkong. In addition, they also visited the Chengdu cultural tourism scene exhibition carefully arranged by the conference organizer.Among them, dozens of photography exhibitions and Chengdu Cultural and tourism themes such as giant panda habitat, art and humanities, park city construction, paradise greenway, tourist attractions, etc. attracted the interest of many participants. After viewing the exhibition, the guests said: “Chengdu It has profound historical and cultural heritage, rich products, mild climate and convenient transportation. Chengdu Go eat and visit monuments this summer. “

spring is coming, Chengdu is waiting for you!

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Mr. Yang Jian, Director of the Chengdu Office of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, said in his speech, “With a history of 2,300 years, Chengdu It is one of the fastest growing and most potential cities in China. In recent years, the development of Chengdu Park City has received international attention and praise.The concept of the park city from Chengdu. The New Western Land-Sea Corridor has been transformed Chengdu From an inland city to the frontier of opening up the country. Chengdu It is currently the most concentrated area in the Midwest Hongkong capital. “

“Cultural Tourism, Cultural Expo, Cultural Creativity”. Chengdu and Hongkong strengthen cooperation, and Chengdu and Hongkong Technological innovation will support the industrial base of the park city. Chengdu In recent years, through scientific and technological innovation to develop a new economy and consolidate the industrial foundation, the development prospects of the park cities have become broader. ChengduAs the “Land of Abundance”, it has rich historical culture and natural resources, as well as the ancient Shu civilization.The repositioning of the 14th Five-Year Plan Hongkong As a hub of cultural and aesthetic exchange China and other countries.as Hongkong Absorb the multiculturalism of the East and the West, Chengdu and Hongkong We can cooperate to convey the story of Chengdu and improve the city’s ability to communicate. After the meeting, Hongkong Representatives of travel agencies gathered in front of the Rattan and Bamboo Art Exhibition, a non-traditional project in Chengdu, to communicate with reporters. I appreciate its tranquility and comfort. I adore its tolerance, as well as its landscape and romance! Through today’s introduction, I have a deeper understanding of Chengdu’s humanities and a deeper understanding of the new era. Chengdu. This year, I will be presenting Chengdu Travel itinerary as a premium travel itinerary Hongkong and Asian tourists. “

It is reported that the organizer also grandly introduced the upcoming Chengdu, the 31st Summer Universiade, the 81st World Science Fiction Convention and the 2024 World Horticultural Exposition are promoted here, and expressed the hope to pass more and more major international events.let the world know Chengdu Welcoming, accommodating, safe, cheerful and full of energy.

Chengdu and Hong Kong people The swift resumption of flights hastened the return of interactions.

“Riding the spring breeze of global tourism restart, we start from Chengdu in the West China arrive New York then back to Hongkong Share with you the 3,000-year-old culture of Heaven under the snow-capped mountains and the prosperity of Jinfu. ” Chengdu prosperous as Hongkong March. At the promotion meeting, the Chengdu Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television displayed Chengdu’s new tourism resources and extended a cordial invitation to Asian tourists.

It is reported that Air China has added Chengdu Shuangliu to Hongkongand start March 1flight frequency Chengdu arrive China Hong Kong It will be increased to once a day, making travel between the two places more convenient for travelers.

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