heaven next to a dentist’s drill

heaven next to a dentist’s drill

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I decided to book a flight to the beautiful tropical Thailand known as the “Land of Smiles”. I thought, to add to my beautiful smile, why not have my problematic wisdom teeth removed on my first day here. I mean, it wouldn’t really be a vacation in paradise without the sound and feel of a drill echoing in your skull and the smell of blood and narcotics running down your throat. Yeah?

I’ve asked some Australian dentists who are reluctant to go near the extraction site for fear of nerve damage (the root of the affected tooth looks tangled with the main nerve on x-ray). Another option is to call in the services of an oral surgeon, but that will skyrocket the cost of the procedure into the thousands of dollars.

After a quick Google search for Phuket dentists, I stumbled upon a service provider called MyMediTravel. After my initial inquiries and some emails back and forth, they told me they had found a dentist willing to do the extraction. I need detailed x-rays for my dentist. I was locked into an appointment on the first day of my vacation.

After my morning flight to Phuket, I headed nervously but calmly to my late afternoon appointment. I am ready to have this tooth pulled. The staff are friendly and great. I felt the genuine care that is a hallmark of service across Thailand. Paperwork is thorough. I was on Valium 5 mg and some generic pain medication. When I was called to the butcher, I mean the dentist, my legs felt limp and I wasn’t tense anymore, just calm.

The dentist told me about the risks of nerve damage that I had learned. We decided he would probably leave the root in place and drill/remove the tooth. This is called a coronary artery resection, and based on what I’ve read online, it’s a good option for my situation.

I’ve historically been the biggest kitty in the world as far as needles go, but I’m not worried, and I don’t feel anything. Maybe it’s the Valium, maybe it’s the dentist’s technique. Maybe a little of both. At this stage, I feel like a human being, except that the left side of my face is numb.

I have a Spotify playlist of calming music that I absolutely love when I start drilling my teeth and jaw. It felt like the whole process took about 30-40 minutes, but I’m a little too familiar with it from Valium to be entirely sure how long it took. My teeth are gone and stitched up like Frankenstein. The tooth was chipped, but staring at it, I noticed the root too. The dentist told me he had the tooth drilled out leaving the root but it just sat there loose. So he pulled it out.

They gave me pain meds, antibiotics, and guidance for optimal recovery, and off I went on a pleasant ride. I paid 300 baht (about 13 AUD) for a massage and ordered ice cream back to the hotel room. It was a great way to end a day that included an overnight flight to heaven and oral surgery.

I woke up the next day with some concern that maybe there would still be numbness indicating underlying nerve damage, but no! My assistant a dental wizard performed a very tricky procedure with zero nerve damage. Sure, I was sore and looked like I got a right hook from an amateur boxer, but that’s what I wanted. I even had a follow-up call from the clinic to check that I was ok and I had that feeling back on my face after the anesthesia.

Appointments, x-rays, tooth extractions and medications all cost $540. I am very happy with the price and feel that the service and procedure exceeded my expectations. I have been pleased with the communication I have received from MyMediTravel throughout the process and will contact them again if I need more dental treatment. The rest of my vacation was amazing – there was an element of eating that frog, getting the hard stuff out of the way, and getting on with enjoying my time in paradise.

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