Healthy Food in Vietnam: Tofu and Tao Pho


In my thirties, I still remember clearly curled up in my grandfather’s lapback to my childhood.

He’d sit on an old wooden bed, smoking a china bowl pope, breaking baked tofu into pieces with his old, withered hands, and dipping them in salt.

When I was a child, I thought tofu cubes looked unpalatable, but adults seemed to eat them with relish. Back when there were still many lush trees and low-rise houses in Haiphong, it was common to see cyclists eating this dish on the side of the road while resting.

Close your eyes and smell the aroma of roasted tofu.

Tofu is one of the healthy foods not to be missed in Vietnam!

healthy food in vietnam

healthy food in vietnam


Even today, cheap beer bars still serve baked tofu, and patrons can enjoy its spicy flavor. Tofu has many uses. Dry boil or steam. However, this ingredient is rarely used for feasts or lavish dinners.

Most Vietnamese consider tofu to be a humble food. It’s cheap and easily available. In Asia, people have been making food from soybeans for centuries.Tofu and other soy products are related to devout buddhists, who are vegetarians for religious reasons. Soy products are used to make meat substitutes that sometimes look and taste like meat.

Go to any market in Vietnam and you will see women selling tofu in flat baskets. Shoppers came to know who made the best tofu, and popular vendors sold out early. In Hanoi, Dau Mo (tofu from Mo Market) is considered a specialty, like basil from Lang village or soy sauce from Ban village.

Mocun’s tofu masters have their own secrets, although all tofu contain similar ingredients. Perhaps Mocun’s tofu has better quality control and better materials, and does not cut corners for short-term benefits.

Making tofu is time consuming.

Producers stay up most of the night to get tofu to market at dawn. Soybeans first have to be ground, then they are strained before cooking, the packs are cooled, and the resulting tofu is compressed and peeled. Every step requires careful and experienced hands.

Today, Kemo’s old village has become a memory. The streets are lined with narrow shophouses and tall buildings. Even Mo Market is long gone and has been demolished to make way for a shopping centre. Food lovers in Hanoi, however, still remember the deliciousness of edamame.

Vietnamese tofu
Vietnamese tofu


Tofu manufacturers produce a range of products.The output produced by their first step is Taobao, a white concentrated pudding served with sweet syrup for dessert. Very popular with women, it is a good snack in hot summer.

In northern Vietnam, pho vendors often ride bicycles with buckets of pho behind them.Hawker scoops thin layers of Taobao Put in a bowl before adding the syrup.

Today, people are getting richer and richer, Delicate Japanese-style tofu is gaining popularity。 This soft tofu is the purest product of tofu cooking and can be found on buffet tables and fancy banquets.

In my opinion, this tofu was so soft that it fell apart after one bite. For everyday food, I prefer plain traditional Vietnamese tofu.

One afternoon, I was sitting in a roadside restaurant under a tree, enjoying the rich flavor of turmeric-baked tofu. This dish always reminds me of my childhood.

Good food doesn’t have to be expensive There are so many healthy foods in Vietnam!

Good food is food eaten at the right time and place to make you feel good.

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