Head to the fabled “beach”. Maya Bay, Phi Phi Island, Thailand (Series: Happy Destination of the Week) | Vogue Japan

Head to the fabled “beach”. Maya Bay, Phi Phi Island, Thailand (Series: Happy Destination of the Week) | Vogue Japan

Hello everyone.

This is Kozue, Darjeeling, who can’t help but miss the Southland when the cold days last.

In 2000, more than 20 years ago (!), the movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio was released. Master Leo still maintains his innocence.

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The shooting location is Maya Bay in Phi Phi Island, Thailand.

This is the legendary uninhabited island!

It has become a very popular tourist destination in Thailand due to the influence of the movie, so I think many people know that.

However, although this Maya Bay is an uninhabited island, due to the large number of tourists and the deterioration of the natural environment, in order to protect the environment, entry has been prohibited since June 2018.

and January 2022.

After being closed for three and a half years, it is finally reopening!

Before COVID-19, I used to escape to Phuket when I was tired.

That’s why I’ve never been to Maya Bay…

However, it quickly closed for another month or so, so I thought, “This has to be called!”

Maya Bay can be reached by speedboat from Phuket. (Various tours are available, so it’s best to let the hotel arrange them for you.)

In Maya Bay, boats dock away from the beach.

After landing on the island, I walked along the asphalt road for a while, and the scenery in front of me suddenly came into view.

There is a green sea

Coron, Coron, a lovely rocky mountain that looks like southern Thailand.

The contrast between the lush green covering the steep rock face and the emerald sea is beautiful.

Currently, out of environmental protection considerations, people and boats are prohibited from entering the waters in front of the beach, but they can enter the white sand beach.

On this day, the beach entrance was also packed with tourists, but as we walked further along the white sand, the numbers dwindled and the atmosphere became more relaxed.

In the future, while maintaining the balance between the environment and tourism, the feeling of “Legendary Beach” will definitely be worthy of the name, some people can go there, some people can’t.

If you are honeymooning in Phuket or Krabi, this is the place for you.

* Maya Bay is sometimes unable to land, please confirm in advance!

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