Happy New Year with Bali Hotel Association

Happy New Year with Bali Hotel Association

“Despite the challenges we have experienced in the past few years, we persevere and will achieve even greater achievements in the future,” said Diah Ajung, Executive Director of the Bali Hotels Association (BHA) at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2022 Held on December 9th at The Westin Resort, Nusa Dua, Bali. Members attended the Annual General Meeting, where they reviewed the main activities of the Association over the past twelve months, while also voting for a new Chairman.

Ajung continued: “It is not easy to sum up the achievements of 2022, because the action is reactive and sometimes chaotic. But we are not alone and push forward. “As we look to the future, our focus remains on a sustainable, prosperous industry and continued recovery with our partners and stakeholders. Our commitment and efforts remain unwavering, and we are very proud of what we have achieved together.” “

Chair Fransiska and Vice Chair Kevin Girard

Fransiska Handoko re-elected as Chairman for 2023

The Bali Hotels Association announces that Fransiska Handoko, CHA., CHIA., CHRM., General Manager of Risata Bali Resort & Spa, has been re-elected as the Association’s second President. Fransiska Handoko will serve as President of the Association from January 1, 2023 until December 31, 2023.

“I am honored to have the confidence of our member hotels to continue as the second President of the Bali Hotels Association. This is an exciting time for our industry. A successful G20 meeting is the key to Bali tourism in 2022 The pinnacle and a further assurance to the world that Bali is ready to welcome tourists back to the island,” said Fransiska Handoko.

With 157 members from Bali’s star-rated hotels and resorts, representing 25,825 rooms and 30,474 employees, the BHA has cemented itself as the trusted voice of the island’s hospitality industry. Recently, BHA was invited by the United Nations World Tourism Organization and the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism to speak at the World Tourism Day Forum 2022 (part of the G20 event) on Rethinking Tourism and Recovery Governance. BHA is the only tourism association in Indonesia to receive this opportunity.

“I will continue to voice the thoughts and feedback of the association and work closely with every tourism stakeholder to improve tourism in Bali,” said Fransiska Handoko.

Partnership with Local Producers
Cooperation with local producers

BHA continues to place sustainability at the top of agenda

BHA envisions 2023 as a new era of tourism in Bali, with a focus on quality tourism, thus continuing to advocate service excellence and sustainable practices to the industry. Over the years, BHA has been actively involved in shaping Bali’s tourism landscape through long-term educational opportunities, effective hotel-government relations, and various initiatives such as sustainable food festivals, zero waste campaigns, and working with local producers to minimize environmental impacts.

“As we work towards 2023, sustainability remains at the top of our agenda. Our aim is for each member hotel to better manage its waste, energy and water resources. The BHA continues to drive members and partners to adopt sustainable sustainable business practices and encourage creative ways to operate more efficiently and have a positive impact on our environment,” said Kevin Girard, BHA Vice Chairman and Director of Sustainability.

One of the BHA’s priorities for 2023 will be to drive the use of quality local products by connecting hotel teams with sustainable local suppliers. The first step was taken during the BHA Sustainable Food Festival in July 2022, followed by a catering presentation during the BHA Annual General Manager Meeting on 9 December 2022 at The Westin Resort, Nusa Dua, Bali. A total of 15 producers were in attendance, representing a variety of produce grown on the island by BHA members, for sampling and partnership building. This partnership will keep the hotel relevant in today’s market, where guests are looking for authentic flavors and creations in their destinations.

“Many of our member hotels have been working with two or three local suppliers. The BHA aims to connect our members with over 10 new suppliers, which will create opportunities for further collaboration,” said Kevin Girard.

BHA Website New Upgrade 2023

To help drive the BHA’s Vision 2023, the association has completed several upgrades to its website, This upgrade will leverage the existing website to serve BHA members and partners and continue to provide a trusted voice for future guests visiting Bali.

“Our shared aim is to position the site as a platform where we can bring key players closer together through a dedicated one-stop access point and support a focus on sustainability, education, social media communications, health and safety BHA program,” said Simona Chimenti, Director of Marketing and Media Relations.

Site upgrades include BHA Newsroom Some have recently been improved to provide more user-friendly navigation, allowing member hotels and travelers to easily access accurate and verified travel information. Our Hotels and Resorts Section now lets guests browse star-rated hotels for each destination. Essential data and upgraded visuals for each hotel are designed to inspire and simplify travel planning, with more information just a click away.a new, more comprehensive BHA career Some will allow member hotels to advertise job vacancies and talented candidates can apply directly on the platform, shortening the recruitment process time.

“One of the biggest issues facing the tourism industry right now is the labor shortage. We want the BHA careers section to be upgraded to be a key reference source for recruiting quality candidates,” says Simona Chimenti.

“Bali’s tourism outlook for 2023 remains positive and the Bali Hotel Association aims to bring even more next year. I am fortunate to have the support of Vice Chairman Kevin Girard and our amazing board with their strong commitment and thoughtful 2023 annual plan,” says Fransiska Handoko.

BHA Board of Directors 2023
BHA Board of Directors 2023

2023 BHA Board of Directors

Francis CahandokoGeneral Manager of Resata Resort Bali

Chair, Director of Government and Organization Relations
Kevin Girard, General Manager, Conrad Bali

Vice Chairman and Sustainability Director
Joel BartlettGeneral Manager, Mothers by Ovolo

Director of Finance and Business Development
Simona ChimentiGeneral Manager, The Pavilions Bali

Director of Marketing and Media Relations
Franklin Pocket, General Manager of The Stones Hotel – Legian Bali, Autograph Collection

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