Hana Hope to release new song “We’ve Come So Far” produced by HONNE


Hana Hope announced that they will be releasing a new single “We’ve Come So Far” on March 1st.

Hana Hope was invited to be the lead singer before her solo debut, and participated in the works of many musicians. Last November, Tokiko Kato and Fumtake Ezaki released their second single “Kimi wa mou Hitori janai”.

The album was produced by London-based electro-pop duo HONNE. This project was agreed without hesitation after HONNE fell in love with their singing voice after hearing the invitation from fan Hana Hope.

This song is a HONNE-style simple and soulful song, and Hana Hope’s rock vocals are impressive. It’s a love song that transitions from captivating atmosphere to a majestic, rousing wall of sound in the chorus.

(HONNE comment)

Hana Hope is brilliant and a perfect fit to work with. It really blows us away how well her voice fits with the feel of the song, and we’re so excited to be working on it together.

We’ve Come This Far is about looking back at your younger self with nostalgic eyes and finally being able to see how everything happened for the right reasons that led you to where you are today. It’s a song full of hope, love and warmth, and we tried to encapsulate that feeling with lyrics and melody, chords and production.

Hana Hope is a unique talent and a pleasure to work with. Her voice fit the feel of the song so well it really blew me away and I’m so excited to be working with her on this song.

“We’ve Come This Far” is about looking back at yourself through the lens of nostalgia, and finally understanding that what you’ve been through was inevitable. It’s a song of hope, love, and warmth, and a song that expresses that feeling not just in its lyrics and melody, but in its chords and production.

【release news】

Hana Hope “We’ve Come This Far”
Release date: March 1, 2023 (Wednesday)
Labels: U/M/A/A Inc.
Track list:
1. We’ve come this far

Lyricist/Composer: Andrew Clutterbuck, James Hatcher Producer: HONNE

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