Gourmet tourism has become a national strategic product of Vietnam

Gourmet tourism has become a national strategic product of Vietnam

Foreign tourists taste Vietnamese food (Photo:

Vietnamese cuisine has proven to be attractive, loved and admired by international tourists.

The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) mentioned the strategic cooperation to promote Vietnam’s tourism, cuisine and culture to the world through the project “Cooking millions of Vietnamese dishes with thousands of ingredients”, aiming to respect the diverse gastronomy and cultural values ​​of the country.

The project focuses on the application of information technology to enable localities to include typical culinary products in the same national directory, thereby creating a digital map of Vietnamese cuisine and local culinary communities in provinces and cities across the country.

The 2023 Quang Nam International Food Festival is scheduled to be held in central Quang Nam province from August 31 to September 3. The event is expected to contribute to the respect, preservation, promotion and efficient use of cultural values, gastronomy and tourism.

The event will showcase 26 traditional dishes of Guangnan. The organizing committee will announce its decision to include the handmade noodle making industry of the Guang nationality in the national intangible cultural heritage list.

Many places across the country are actively organizing wonderful tourism activities to attract domestic and foreign tourists for summer travel.

The inaugural Ho Chi Minh City River Festival – Hue Festival 2023 – Autumn Festival will be held in August with a series of activities to attract local and foreign tourists.

Travel guidelines and policies have been promoted on the Vietnam National Tourism Administration website, and social networking sites, emphasizing that the new visa and entry-exit policies will be officially implemented from August 15 Effective date.

Experts said the new policy will help improve the competitiveness of Vietnam’s tourism industry in attracting foreign tourists in the future.Vietnam National Aviation Administration

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