Global Step Academy Brings American University Virtual Classes to Japan | Global Step Academy Co., Ltd. Press Release

Global Step Academy Brings American University Virtual Classes to Japan | Global Step Academy Co., Ltd. Press Release

Virtual learning allows students anywhere in the world to receive the same education. This summer program allows Japanese students to experience a well-rounded education at an American university.

Courses cover popular student subjects such as business communication, engineering, programming, psychology and statistics. Consisting of live Zoom sessions, interactive workshops and engaging topical assignments, students who complete the UC Berkeley Virtual Pre-College Program will receive a UC Berkeley certificate that will prepare them for college entry in the near future. You can build a basic education for further study.

UC Berkeley’s University Virtual Classes will run July 11-22 and August 1-12, 2023. For students aged 14-18 who are native speakers of English (CEFR B2, EIKEN Pre1 or above), the course is divided into morning and afternoon classes. In the morning session, students will participate in 3 hours of live lessons via Zoom. Afternoon classes will require 3-4 hours of daily assignments on the UC Berkeley platform (bCourses). Students can also participate in seminars, where students use the Berkeley classroom to interact on topics and projects.

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Michio Montgomery, CEO of Global Step Academy, said: “We want Japanese students to deepen their understanding of overseas university education and ensure that they are well prepared for the future. UC Berkeley’s virtual college preparatory program provides an excellent platform for cutting-edge study Learning opportunities.” “At Education Consulting, we know from experience the importance of a good college summer program. However, not all students have the opportunity to study abroad in the US and experience a summer program, so we launched this virtual program, So that Japanese students can experience the same education as American students. It provides an opportunity.”

Learn more about the Virtual College Prep Program: https://www.gsacademy.com/ja/online-school/discount-offer/uc-berkeley-virtual-college-prep

Global Step Academy is a specialized international education service organization, aiming to equip the next generation of children with the ability to survive in the international society. Based on more than 40 years of international education experience, educators, developers, designers and business professionals have come together with the same desire and ideas to make it happen. We provide quality international education to students across the country through international schools, extracurricular activities, seasonal programs, online courses and more.

Global Step Academy Brings American University Virtual Classes to Japan

International education group Global Step Academy is introducing UC Berkeley’s virtual college preparatory program to Japanese students.

Virtual learning offers students more opportunities to receive the same educational opportunities globally, and this summer program means Japanese students can get a real taste of studying at an American university. The program is delivered via live Zoom instruction, interactive workshops, and engaging coursework on topics including business communication, engineering, coding, psychology, statistics, and more. Students who successfully complete the UC Berkeley Virtual Pre-College Program will receive a UC Berkeley certificate to prepare them for the college application journey in the near future.

Global Step Academy, with its recognized English education programs and educational consulting services, aims to provide Japanese families with diverse and truly global educational options, and by introducing university summer programs, students will have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of their subjects of interest In, making their college choices more targeted and confident.

UC Berkeley virtual classes run July 11-July 22, 2023 and August 1-August 12, 2023. Suitable for students aged 14 to 18 who are native English speakers (CEFR B2, EIKEN Pre1 and above). The program consists of two parts: morning sessions, in which students attend 3-hour live classes via Zoom; and afternoon sessions, lasting 3 to 4 hours, in which students complete daily assignments on UC Berkeley’s platform bCourses. There are also workshops where students can engage in discussion topics and projects using Berkeley Classroom.

“We want students in Japan to be fully informed and better prepared for a university education abroad, and UC Berkeley’s Virtual College Prep program provides an excellent opportunity for international school students or other English-speaking students to get an early start ,” said Michio Montgomery, CEO of Global Step Academy. “Through our education consulting experience, we recognize the importance of great college summer programs and how they can help candidates stand out on college applications. But not every student has the opportunity to spend their summers in the US. Therefore, we introduced created this virtual college preparatory program to help Japanese students gain the same advantages as American students.”

Virtual College Prep Program details: https://www.gsacademy.com/online-school/discount-offer/uc-berkeley-virtual-college-prep

Global Step Academy provides an international education designed to equip students with the skills they need to thrive in a global society. Building on 40 years of international education experience, Global Step Academy was founded by a group of passionate educators, developers, designers and business professionals. Today, GSA leads the way in student achievement by providing educational experiences in Japan through international schools, after-school and seasonal programs, and globally through our innovative online programs.

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