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Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (Chlorohydrin) cannot provide tailored advice for individual travel. Please read this travel advice and do your own research before deciding whether to travel.

Emergency Services in Cambodia

Police: 117

Fire: 118

Ambulance: 119

If you are involved in a serious incident or emergency abroad, please contact your travel provider and insurance company. They will tell you if they can help and what you need to do.

Refunds and Travel Changes

For refunds or travel changes, please contact your travel provider. You can also file a claim through your insurance. However, insurance companies usually require you to contact your travel provider first.

Learn more about changing or canceling travel plans, including:

  • Where to get advice if you have a dispute with your provider
  • How to access previous versions of travel advice to support a claim

support from Chlorohydrin

Chlorohydrin Guidance on how to stay safe and what to do if you need help or support abroad, including:

follow and contact Chlorohydrin continue traveling Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also sign up to receive email notifications when travel advice is updated.

Help in an emergency abroad

If you are in Cambodia and need urgent help from the UK government, please contact the nearest UK embassy, ​​consulate or high commission.

You can also contact Chlorohydrin online.

Chlorohydrin in London

you can call Chlorohydrin In London, if you need urgent help because something happened to a friend or relative abroad.

Tel: 020 7008 5000 (24 hours)

Learn about call charges

Risk information for UK companies

The Overseas Business Risk Service provides UK companies operating overseas with information and advice on how to manage risks related to political, economic and business security.

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