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Get a Local Experience at These 10 Traditional Lodgings in South Korea

Traditional Korean house, known as Hanok, one of the most comfortable and elegant accommodation types in all parts of Korea. These range from upscale hotels in stately homes to quirky mom-and-pop bed and breakfasts. There are some common elements that all guests can enjoy, including paper curtains, traditional designs and elegant gardens. To experience Korean culture, staying in a traditional Hanok is essential. Hanok design elements can be seen in modern buildings across the country, including modern hotels. Experience Korean local life with an unforgettable stay at these ten traditional lodgings.

Doran Doran Guesthouse

This cozy and quirky budget guesthouse is a cozy choice for travelers who want to experience traditional Korean hanok life at an affordable price. The courtyard garden is the perfect place to enjoy morning tea after a complimentary breakfast. Free Wi-Fi and parking are also available. The lodge is close to Donggung Palace, Daereungwon, and Gyeongju National Park, perfect for local adventures. The back streets of Hwangnam-dong are full of local eateries where you can satisfy curious palates at affordable prices.

Zhuxuan Traditional Houses

For a unique experience, guests can enjoy country accommodation at Zhuxuan Traditional Residence in Andong. Wooden doors, earthen stoves and rough-hewn beams give this accommodation a truly rustic feel. Guests can sleep on floor mats and enjoy simple life. The scenery of the Korean countryside stretches in every direction. Fortunately, basic creature comforts are available here. Toilet facilities are tiled and modern, and there is free Wi-Fi on site. A complimentary breakfast prepares visitors for a day of exploring everything this historic city has to offer. The Seongbo Museum at Bongjeongsa Temple is just a few minutes away. In this 7th-century temple, guests can learn about Korea’s imperial history.

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Stone Village Hanok

Located on the southern coast of Jeju Island, this completely renovated Hanok has an enviable location close to some of the island’s most beloved beaches. The lush garden is the perfect place to relax after a day exploring the island. For an even more intimate experience, guests can use the kitchen and grill to cook. Free Wi-Fi keeps visitors connected even outside the idyllic world of Jeju Island.


Tourists visit Jeonju mainly to visit Hanok Village, a collection of well-preserved traditional houses. In Sarangroo, not far from this village, guests can enjoy a simple and peaceful life in a traditional Korean hanok. Visitors can wind their way between the complex along narrow stone paths and sleep on traditional floor mats. The accommodation is within a 10-minute walk of more than a dozen museums and cultural attractions, making Sarangroo the perfect base to immerse yourself in Korean tradition.

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Namjeon Village Kensington Hanok Hotel

This large, high-end hotel has been lovingly maintained, nestled in a green forest, offering the comforts of home in stylish, traditional accommodation. Contemporary light fixtures hang above floor seating, and low tables in the dining room and bathroom are thoroughly modern. Here, guests are invited to experience a strategic and thoughtful modernization of purely traditional design. This is the ideal lodging option for travelers inspired by history and looking for an immersive Korean experience. A business center and free Wi-Fi keep guests productive if they so choose.

Former Residence of Li Zhenlai

Located on the southern coast of the mainland, this house is located in a charming seaside town, perfect for the traveler looking to break free and get back to simplicity. The hotel is a private complex with several houses and small buildings. Several courtyards are ideal for morning meditation and evening reflection. Antique details such as stone wells, large ponds and traditional designs make visitors feel like they are back in old Korea. Guests should get away from it all and enjoy the surrounding nature and coastline, but Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel.

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Suni Hanok Guesthouse

For an intimate traditional experience, Hanok Guest House Suni is the ideal accommodation option. The Hanok is located in a garden in the Seongbuk district of Seoul, near the main road. The number of rooms is small, so guests need to book in advance. There are kitchens for guests to use, as well as modern amenities such as tiled bathrooms, free Wi-Fi and microwaves for independent travellers. What’s more, this hotel offers the best lodging experience in the world – a traditional urban retreat with easy access to the hustle and bustle and convenience of Seoul.

Mua Guest House

Although not a hanok, this traditional closed Korean house is full of warm charm. Small but beautiful gardens add to the sense of seclusion. Single and dormitory-style rooms are available, offering an economical hostel-like option. All the necessities are available, including free Wi-Fi, bicycle rental, and a lounge for travelers to mingle. The guesthouse is just a short walk from the Joseon Dynasty-era Gwanghanruwon Garden, which has a romantic past worth exploring. There is also a theme park across the river where visitors can easily spend an exciting day.

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Dajayan Hanok Accommodation

Dajayon Hanok Stay is an ideal base for travelers visiting Seoul to explore Korean culture and traditions. Changdeokgung Palace, the iconic Gyeongbokgung Palace and Jongmyo Shrine are just a short walk away. The area is the historical and cultural heart of Seoul, so what better way to immerse yourself in it than by staying in a traditional Korean house? The accommodation has a homely and kitschy feel, with knick-knacks in the garden and living room. All modern conveniences are here including kitchen and laundry facilities.

Zhengtan Hotel

Jungdam Hotel has become a unique choice among traditional homestays because of its unique design. This is one of the few loft-style hanok used as guest accommodation. Visitors can enjoy the cozy sleeping loft inside and the lovely tree-lined garden outside. From the hotel, you can quickly go to Hanok Village, where travelers can step back in time. Free Wi-Fi, in-room TVs and outdoor dining areas make it easy for travelers to call Jungdam Hotel home.

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