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GCC 2023 Singapore (Global Cyber ​​Security Camp 2023 Singapore) held

Young people interested in security from various countries study and make friends with the goal of “cultivating global talents with expertise beyond nationality and race” and “forming friendship and a loose community that transcends borders.” The training camp serves as a place for deepening.

Even if you are not an alumnus of Guoanying, if your skills meet or exceed the level of alumni, you are more than welcome.

What is Global Cyber ​​Security Camp (GCC)?
Strengthening the Asian Security Community and Developing Future Global Leaders
Each year, 36 talented students from member countries gather in one of the participating countries for a week to exchange experiences, form lifelong friendships, and learn skills from the best cybersecurity experts.
Our not-for-profit educational programs and community organizations feature programs backed by industry leaders passionate about making the world a safer and more digital place.
・Organization information:
・Past event status:

■GCC 2023 Singapore Overview■
Date and time: February 13th to February 17th, 2023
Eligibility: Graduate students, students, and students residing in Japan under the age of 25 as of March 31, 2023
Screen job applicants by application
Location: Singapore
Participation fee: free (including transportation, accommodation, meals, PCR testing fees)
Number of recruits: Japan Framework: 6 people (up to 48 young people from 8 countries are scheduled to participate)
English language
Application deadline: Monday, December 5, 2022 at 16:00

8 participating organizations in GCC 2023 from Singapore (tentative)

  • Japan: General Institutional Juridical Person Safety Camp Council|Safety Camp Committee
  • Singapore: Division Zero (Div0)
  • South Korea: BoB (BEST of the BEST) program
  • Taiwan (Taiwan): AIS3 (Advanced Information Security Summer School)
  • Malaysia: Nanosecond
  • Thailand: 2600 Thailand
  • Vietnam: VNSecurity
  • Australia: University of Queensland Cyber ​​Security

Lecture content (planned)

  • Introduction to Web Penetration Testing
  • PowerShell Malware Detection Engine Hackathon
  • Reverse engineered malware written in C++ using IDA and semi-automated scripts
  • Hypervisors 101 in Rust
  • Practical Malware and Ransomware Investigations
  • Web Tracking and Browser Fingerprinting
  • Drone Safety and Signal Analysis
  • Attacker Behavior Analysis Based on Attack Vector Analysis

* Some lecture contents may be subject to change.

For detailed participation requirements and an overview, please visit the following URL

See the camp blog below for past events.

We are also waiting for applications from students interested in information security and overseas communities.

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​[Overview of the Council]Name: Security Camp Council of Comprehensive Legal Person Association
Location: Mori Building, Hirakawa-cho, 2-16-1, Hirakawa-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (within LAC Co., Ltd.)
Representative: Yosuke Hasegawa
Established: April 2004
Activities: For domestic students, from engineers who are active in the front line of the industry to advanced information security
Carry out technical education and activities to discover and cultivate information security talents who will lead the next generation


  • FY 2023 Recruiting Corporate Sponsors Safety Camp is looking for corporate sponsors for this event. ■ Current Sponsor Please refer to the following page for membership information.

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