Gabber Modus Operandi, an experimental music group from Bali, Indonesia, comes to Japan

Header photo by Denny Novikar Nasution

Garber’s modus operandi came to Japan from Bali, Indonesia. The Japan tour will be held at CLUB GOODWEATHER in Nagoya, Aichi on Saturday, September 2, at CONPASS Higashi-Shinsaibashi in Osaka on Sunday, September 3, and at WWW & WWWβ in Shibuya, Tokyo on Wednesday, September 6.

Gabber Modus Operandi is an artist/fashion designer and DJ/producer Kasimyn who creates “imaginary hardcore music” by capturing rave, noise, gabber, grindcore, funcott and gamelan on the same level. Visual effects were produced for this tour.

Gabor mode of operation

Based on the spirit of experimentation, his innovative sound and performance, which combines the Indonesian traditional music he was born and raised with cutting-edge electronic music, will thrill everyone from cutting-edge music festivals to underground local parties around the world. ing. In addition, he also has a unique presence in the current music scene, such as participating in Bjork’s latest album “Fossora” (2022).

MERZBOW will perform in Tokyo, ε∋(BOREDOMS), which performed at the “Nyege Nyege Festival” in Uganda last year, and VMO, which is about to release the second album of the most important post-rave label “NEVER SLEEP”, will perform in Tokyo. Take this tour. accompany.

In addition to Tokyo’s new generation of alternative hardcore band moreru, the punk band Japan Super Rats led by the Japanese skateboard revolution figure Yoshioka Kento, and other extreme lineups, there are also artists who made Contact Tokyo lively before the closing ceremony last year.・The team of the MES duo “REVOLIC -revolution holic/Kakumei Judoku-” Jack WWWβ. Together with up-and-coming DJs and visual artists, they will create an avant-garde, empty and “SLAY” bash for the day.

The Nagoya all-night show featured domestic jukebox/footwork representatives CRZKNY and Gorgeous Indus Bonze, while the Osaka show opened with Trap metal rapper rirugiliyangugili and Vampillia, a solitary and brutal band made up of VMO members. Garber’s modus operandi resonates across generations, borders and modes of expression.

【Event Information】

GMO japan tour 2023 kv small
“Gabber Modus Operandi Japan Tour 2023 meets MES and presents REVOLIC”
Date and Time: September 6, 2023 (Water) 17:00~
Venue: Shibuya, Tokyo WWW & WWWβ
Price: ADV. 5,500 yen / U25 ticket 4,000 yen
(world wide web)
Gabor mode of operation
Merz bow
εY∋ (boring)
VMO aka Violent Magic Orchestra
japanese super mouse

(World Wide Web beta)
MES presents REVOLIC -revolution holic/revolution poisoning-

…and more!

■ Performance Details


“Good Weather #51”
Date and time: September 2, 2023 (Saturday) 22:00~
Venue: Aichi/Nagoya CLUB GOODWEATHER
Price: ADV. 3,500 yen/door 4,000 yen
Gabor mode of operation
VMO aka Violent Magic Orchestra
industrial monk

…and more!

■ Show/ticket details


“The End of the Century Vol.68”
Date and time: September 3, 2023 (Sun) 18:00~
Venue: Osaka East Shinsaibashi CONPASS
Price: ADV. 4,500 yen/door 5,000 yen
Gabor mode of operation
VMO aka Violent Magic Orchestra
Rirujiri Yanggujili
Vampilla (OA)
DJ Hollicht

…and more!

■ Performance/ticket details (e+)

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