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The full program of “Disney Classic Magic Night Concert 2023” has been announced

Harmony Japan has released the full schedule for “Disney’s Classic Magical Night Concert 2023” starting September 16.

A total of 51 performances will be held in 32 cities across the country, including the “Mystery and Darkness Special” limited to 10 performances and the “Christmas Special” limited to 4 performances. In addition, the details of the special medley commemorating Disney’s 100th anniversary, which will be played in the first part of the performance, have also been revealed.


In 2023, for the first time in eight years, the music performance of the film “Beauty and the Beast” will be held.

“Disney Classic Magic Night Concert” is an adult concert that will be held for the 21st time in 2023. You can enjoy Disney animations, movies and theme park music, and enjoy live performances by singers and orchestras active in New York.

This time, to commemorate Disney’s 100th anniversary, the first part will be a special medley of “Disney 100: Stories Nurtured by Disney” and “Disney Classics”.

Mickey Mouse’s screen debut, Steamboat Willie, as well as Toy Story, Frozen, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars and The Avengers, Disney’s You Can Enjoy with Music and The joy of video walking.


“Disney Classics” Special Skewer

The second is based on the movie “Beauty and the Beast”, with “With You” as its theme. You can enjoy the budding “true love” story between the protagonists Belle and the Beast through pictures and lighting effects. A total of 21 songs including “Morning Landscape”, “Tsuyo, Gaston”, “Beauty and the Beast”, live-action version of “Kuna Yume”, and “Metamorphosis of Miracles” are planned.


This year marks the 21st edition of Disney’s ‘Beauty and the Beast’

The “Mystery and Darkness Special” is limited to 10 performances and focuses on villains as part of the show. On the shocking full-score stage, Tokyo Disneyland’s “Disney Fantasyland! ” to “Devil’s Feast”, Tokyo DisneySea “Disney Halloween 2017” to “Villain World (Edited Edition)”, an irresistible selection of songs for fans in the park.

In addition, there will be a “Christmas special program” limited to 4 shows, some of which are full of Christmas atmosphere. From Tokyo DisneySea’s ‘Christmas Wishes’, ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ to ‘What Is Christmas?’


Famous songs from Tokyo Disney Resort in Mysterious & Dark Special!

The conductor is Richard Carthy, a well-known conductor in the music industry. He has served as the permanent conductor of the “Disney Classic Spring Music Festival” since 2019. The orchestra performance is THE ORCHESTRA JAPAN. Francesco Sasaki was a navigator. The performance time is about 2 hours and 30 minutes (including intermission). Tickets are currently on sale at various guidebooks.


Orchestra performance is THE ORCHESTRA JAPAN


Conductor: Richard Carthy


The navigator is Francisco Sasaki.

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