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From the perspective of the general trend, the Russian stock market in the BRIC countries continues to rise, and the rise in Brent crude oil prices is the supporting material | Reuters

*09:41 JST Let us understand the BRIC countries from the general trend
【Brazil】Bovespa index 111878.53 +0.43%
The Brazilian stock market continued to rise on the 2nd. The main stock index Bovespa index rose 478.62 points (+0.43%) from the previous trading day to close at 111878.53. It rose to 112315.4 from 110579.2.

There was a scene in the negative in the first half, but it was bought back afterward. The Bovespa index held at its highest level since late February, with growth somewhat sluggish due to concerns over high prices. On the other hand, growing hopes for an early access to a COVID-19 vaccine continued to support the index. Additionally, strong economic indicators continue to be well received.

【Russia】MICEX Index 3189.61 +1.33%
The Russian stock market continued to rise on the 2nd. The main index MOEX index closed at 3189.61, up 41.82 points (+1.33%) from the previous trading day. It rose to 3189.61 from 3139.92.

In the morning, it fell into a negative value, but then gradually increased the rate of increase. Brent crude oil prices rose to provide support, buying concentrated in resource stocks. Additionally, growing expectations for the early spread of a coronavirus vaccine continued to support the index. On the other hand, factors such as weak economic data weighed on the index. Electricity consumption was reported to have fallen 3% in November from the same month a year earlier as economic activity slowly recovered.

【India】SENSEX index 44618.04 -0.08%
India’s SENSEX index was mixed on the 2nd. It closed at 44618.04, down 37.40 points (-0.084%) from the previous trading day, and Nifty, the main 50-stock index of the national stock exchange, closed at 13113.75, up 4.70 points (+0.036%).

It has been in negative territory throughout and narrowed its losses in the final stage. The SENSEX has been hitting record highs as profit-taking selling pressure mounts amid heightened price caution. The index was also dragged down by fading expectations of further rate cuts. The Reserve Bank of India (central bank) is expected to keep the policy rate unchanged until the end of fiscal 2020.

[Mainland China]Shanghai Composite Index 3449.38 -0.07%
The Shanghai Composite Index fell slightly on the 2nd. The main index, the Shanghai Composite Index, fell 2.56 points (-0.07%) from the previous trading day to 3449.38 points.

Conscious flow of selling pressure. The Shanghai Composite Index rose sharply yesterday, returning to its highest level in about two years and ten months. A sense of wariness about the US-China confrontation is also brewing. U.S. President-elect Joe Biden said he does not plan to immediately roll back the first round of tariffs on China. But the price reduction is limited. There have also been cases where the index has remained positive, with both public and private sector manufacturing PMIs continuing to fluctuate upwards in November.


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