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Laos is our city-state’s close neighbour, and those who decide to fly to this highly underrated destination will reap the rewards of mountainous landscapes, vivid green rice fields and stunning waterfalls. Plus, what’s better than having a bragging rights about traveling somewhere (most of) your friends have never been?

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There are direct flights to Vientiane, the capital of Laos. Once in the country, you have the option of taking a domestic flight or traveling between cities by bus or shuttle. Jumping from one end of Laos to the other? Try the new high-speed train connecting Vientiane in the south to Kunming, China.

Luang Prabang: A UNESCO World Heritage Gem


Luang Prabang, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a small town that exudes charm and tranquility amidst picturesque mountains. Explore sacred temples and gain insight into local culture, rising early for a morning alms ceremony where monks collect offerings from locals.

Visit temples like Wat Xieng Thong and prepare to be awed by their intricate architecture. Don’t miss a visit to the Royal Palace Museum, once the stately residence of the Lao kings, built nearly 120 years ago and now a goldmine of Laotian culture and history.

At sunset, climb Mount Phousi for a panoramic view of the city, then take a boat cruise along the Mekong River to admire the stunning Kuang Si Waterfall. As night falls, head to the lively night market to shop for souvenirs while sampling delicious street food.

What to eat in Laos?

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Start the day with a traditional Lao breakfast of Khao Piak Sen, a delicious rice noodle soup, or indulge in Khao Jee, a delicious baguette filled with mouth-watering things like roti, pickles and spicy sauces ingredients. For a true culinary adventure, try Laap, a tangy, aromatic minced meat salad, or indulge in the aromatic delights of Tam Mak Houng, a savory green papaya salad.

Before leaving Laos, be sure to sample a hearty bowl of Lao Khao Soi. While khao soi is also native to other Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Myanmar, the Laotian version features minced meat in a roux sauce and bean paste. End your culinary exploration with a refreshing beer tasting of the country’s famous local beer. If you have some spare time, take a traditional cooking class and wow your friends. Culture +100.

Vang Vieng: An Adrenaline Rush Surrounded by Nature

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For thrill seekers, Vang Vieng should be on your holiday itinerary. Known for its limestone karst landscape, this riverside town offers adrenaline-fueled activities like rock climbing, kayaking and rafting on the Nam Song River.

Explore the massive cave system, cycle through picturesque landscapes, and hike to lookout points for breathtaking panoramas. Tham Chang Cave offers stunning views of the surrounding countryside. After an action-packed day, unwind in one of the many riverside bars and enjoy stunning sunset views over the river.


For another way to travel through the Vang Vieng countryside, consider signing up for a hot air balloon ride. While the scenery is quite different from the world-famous Cappadocia, the aerial view of lush rice fields and clouds is a unique experience. Book a sunrise or sunset tour for the best views!

Cultural immersion in leisurely Vientiane

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Tradition meets modernity in Vientiane, the laid-back capital of Laos. Marvel at the grandeur of Pha That Luang, explore the spiritual significance of Wat Sisaket, and stroll along the banks of the Mekong River where tradition meets modern influences (think: trendy cafes and bustling night markets).


Book a table at Vientiane’s local favorite, Tha Ngon Floating Restaurant, and take home some of the capital’s famous traditional handicrafts, especially delicately woven scarves and shirts.

Bolaven Plateau: Coffee Paradise


Coffee lovers and nature lovers will find the Bolaven Plateau a paradise on earth. This highland region is famous for its coffee plantations, and yes, you can actually book coffee tours. Here, you will learn about local cultivation and processing techniques, and taste the full-bodied flavor of freshly brewed Lao coffee. Can Dabao also bring some packages back to Singapore?

Laos Waterfall

After your coffee, plan to hike to some of the region’s most majestic waterfalls, such as Tad Tayicseua, Tad Yuang (or Tad Gneuang) and Tad Fane – you may need to rent a motorbike to get around, but when you ride through You’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery as you wind your way through the plateau. Book a traditional homestay to experience life in a Lao kampung and immerse yourself in the hospitality of the locals.

The mysterious Plain of Jars in Phonsavan


Uncover the mystery of the UNESCO-recognized Plain of Jars, an archaeological marvel that has baffled experts for centuries – legend has it that these gigantic stone jars were created by a race of giants to store alcohol.

There are eight ancient ruins open to tourists, we recommend you to visit ruins 1, 2 and 3 as these ruins are next to each other in Phonsavan. If you only have time to visit one of them, Site 1 has the best preserved jars.

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