From Kate Moss to Linda Evangelista. Original Supermodel Flight Style Collection | Vogue Japan

From Kate Moss to Linda Evangelista. Original Supermodel Flight Style Collection | Vogue Japan

The original supermodel who has walked countless runways and traveled all over the world is a well-deserved travel master. Today, many celebrities wear coordinating at the airport, ready to be photographed by the paparazzi, but these women who led the fashion world in the ’90s valued comfort over looks. Comfortable bottom, comfortable shoes and lightweight outerwear for colder flights. These three items that guarantee a stress-free flight are their must-haves.

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The eternal British girl! Show off your timeless rock fashion.

Kate Moss strutted out in a distressed white tank top, dark wash denim, black leather boots and jacket. Her timeless airport look is a leopard-print bag and chain necklace with a punk twist.

Tyra style, 90s athleisure.

Tyra Banks was a fashionista who freely mixed athletic pieces with real clothes before the term “athleisure” was coined. In 1996, he left Los Angeles Airport wearing a leather jacket, cropped T-shirt, leggings and Nike sneakers.

Even the same sneakers and black leggings, if you swap out the leather jacket for G Jean, it’s a completely different look. Tyra presents an outfit featuring a Calvin Klein denim jacket and T-shirt. She chose a Prada nylon rucksack as her flight bag, which seemed like a supermodel.

The best health accessories.

Gabrielle Reese, who has had a unique career as a former volleyball player, is also someone who loves athleisure. A realistic Y2K outfit with a chibi tee, low-rise denim, and white sneakers seems appropriate for the modern day.

Jingzu and his wife are very cool at the airport.

There are some supermodels who not only wear casual styles, but also sophisticated clothes. In 1993, Iman arrived at LAX with David Bowie in a striped turtleneck, crisp tailored jacket, denim and lace-up shoes. A beret and sunglasses complete the Parisienne look.

The perfect balance of elegance and ease.

Linda Evangelista wore a black T-shirt and a long slip dress. The cool all-black silhouette is comfortable and breathable, making it perfect for long, tight flights. You can feel safe even on a plane with extreme temperature fluctuations if you carry a thick jacket.

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