French daredevil Rémy Lucidi dies in Hong Kong high-rise stunt accident


A tragic incident in Hong Kong claimed the life of a 30-year-old French adventurer named Remi Lucidi who posted on social media that he was on high-rise buildings around the world. Popular for photos and videos of him performing daring stunts.

The man, who had a large following by the nickname “Remi Enigma”, fell to his death from the top of the third and highest point of the Diligend Building in Hong Kong’s Mid-Levels. Diligend Building is a 68-story high-rise building located in Mid-Levels, Hong Kong. This was once the tallest all-residential building in the world.

Diligend Building © CC BY 4.0 | Wpcpey on Wikimedia Commons

With no suicide note at the scene and his history of extreme sports, police believe he fell off a ledge during a stunt.

According to local media reports, Remy initially entered the apartment building on the evening of July 28.the th claiming he was visiting a friend on the 40ththe th ground. However, he took the elevator to Building 49.the th Then take the stairs to the top floor of the building.

After reaching the top floor at around 7:30 p.m. local time, he attempted to gain access to a penthouse at number 68.the th floor, knocking on windows for help. However, the housekeeper inside was suspicious of the man outside and chose not to respond, so Remy eventually moved out.

Authorities received a call from tower security not long after that there was a gas leak, but when they arrived they found the lifeless body of the 30-year-old man, who had damaged a gas pipe when he fell. His French identity card and action camera, which reportedly contained old videos of extreme sports, were reportedly found at the scene.

Remy’s passion for extreme sports and adventure is well documented on his social media accounts. He often shares captivating footage of his daring feats on tall buildings, capturing breathtaking views from the top of skyscrapers around the world.

Tributes poured in for his final social media post on July 24, when he shared a photo of a Hong Kong night scene taken from Times Square, a shopping district in Causeway Bay.the th.

Supporters and followers mourn the loss of a fellow adventurer who lived a full life and loved thrill-seeking. “No one wants to hear sad news about a fellow explorer,” one follower posted. “Big brother out and about doing what he loves! He lives life to the fullest. Not many people can say that,” wrote another.


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