Free flights to Hong Kong: Hong Kong gives away 500,000 air tickets


Has Hong Kong been on your bucket list? Now may be the perfect time to finally make plans for your visit. The Hong Kong Tourism Board will give away more than 500,000 free air tickets to attract more tourists. The announcement was made at a ceremony attended by Hong Kong’s chief executive, Lee Kar-chao. hello hong kong The event was held at the Wanchai Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Most tickets will be distributed through Hong Kong-based carrier Cathay Pacific for Asian travelers, including Chinese tourists who end up traveling again after border controls ease. But never fear; Americans and Europeans will be assigned. Also, the plan doesn’t forget about Hong Kong residents – a small number of flights will be offered to locals traveling to other Asian countries.

So how can you score a pair of free flights? Following the news, Cathay Pacific launched the initial phase of its World of Winners campaign online. Round-trip air tickets will be distributed in stages from March 1st, starting with tours in Southeast Asia. Passengers in mainland China will get their chance in April, before opening up to other mid- and long-haul destinations in May.

In addition to promising free air tickets for curious travelers, the Hong Kong Tourism Board is giving away $1 million in field exploration vouchers. These tokens can be spent on drinks, dining out, transportation – basically any travel activity that gets you excited to visit a new destination or return to a place you love.

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While free round-trip travel is appealing enough for most of us, it’s worth noting that Hong Kong is a bit buzzing right now: new restaurants, bars and hotels keep popping up in the metropolis, and art collectors will fill up with Basel. Art exhibitions are back, the city returns in March, and rugby sevens will captivate the world this spring.

To get in, bookmark the Cathay Pacific Winners World Center page – it promises more information soon.

This story originally appeared on Condé Nast Traveler UK.


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