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On April 11, TripAdvisor released the third edition of its Review Transparency Report.

In 2022, TripAdvisor announced that it will publish 30.2 million posts on TripAdvisor, of which 4.4% will be judged as false or fraudulent.

TripAdvisor Releases Third Version of Review Transparency Report

Travel platform TripAdvisor publishes a review transparency report every two years.

The company announced on April 11 that it has published the third edition of this report.

4.4% of fake reviews

With 30.2 million posts on TripAdvisor in 2022, as the COVID-19 global pandemic recedes, the number of people traveling and eating out has really resumed I’m climbing

This is a 20% increase from 2020 when the previous report was published.

Of the 30.2 million posts received in 2022, “only” 4.4% (1.3 million posts) were determined to be false or fraudulent.

Of these, 72% were rejected before the post was published. This is up from 67% in 2020.

About 25,000 cases related to paid review companies removed

Some fake or fraudulent reviews come from paid review companies, which negatively affects user trust.

In 2022, TripAdvisor removed 24,521 reviews related to paid review companies.

Nearly half of them came from the same six countries (India, Russia, US, Turkey, Italy and Vietnam).

With more than 11.1 million hotels listed on TripAdvisor, by 2022, more than 33,000 hotels will receive fraudulent ranking penalties and 341 warning badges.


Tripadvisor: Tripadvisor’s Review Transparency Report Shows Only 4.4% of Listings Are Found to be Fake


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